Saturday, February 28, 2009


"Never mind~i have anothre range on

which to make my chicken soop."


And he walks for the sake of walking.

i made a point of visiting CAT at her

new location. [Yes, anothre move.]

Her schtove & her fridge are setting on

the Porch of her home=row. ~Best of best,

they did move well & now, they are

permanent campers like me. ~It's a fair

thing that they were my first Visiteurs,

and i was theirs. Perfect progress...

^8=28=°6^---slac don't post on Sundé.

Friday, February 27, +9: Who knew there

was gonna be so much turmoil roundabout

when them moves was made? WAIT! i knew

it Completely the minute i turned over

the keys to the Hovel! [a pre=date of

the current hausing crisis?] Scrape and

Scrap, i have done no bettre than anyone

else in these dearthly dire Days; afact,

my schtumbling 'progress' has paralleled

each & every faulty schtep of the past

four (4) Years. {T'ain't none so Blind

as them that loox away} Yet, then again,

one only meets up with those troubles

which are customised toward the Soul...

Saterdé: the Yard was only as cold as my

hard black heart, And yet not as busy as

the Cathedral with its catafalque of

another departed Bishop. It's gonna be

a long, lean Lent...

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