Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sunday, July 20th, °8...

And the engineer is comfortably ensconced upon a

northern beach. {He visits his wild seester when

he gets tired of his wild brudda} For my part, i'm

Avoiding direct sun=light. Hydrate & hang loose...

TITLE: Week*weak

MOOD: bright & cheery like the summer dés

MUSIK: oops! i left my ishpod at werk

WIDEO: Howie Mandel had haer! St. Elsewhere

PRESSURE: 93/65 pulse 57

THOT: «where=ever i go, i am known by someone.»

TEXT: This morning, before cherch, i gave a buzz

cut to Roomy #4. [i think i misst my calling to be

a barber.] Yet~there were a lot of othre events

which filled the week previous. Here they is...

Sun=Day last, i took breakfast with the very

nearest cherch, the Presbyterians. {some do a

repast before the service, othres afterwise} The

service itself was long and full of song AND there

was real bread and wine for the Transfiguring.

Toward evening, at the park, i found out that

Roomy #2 has a daughter of middling youth. i

also noticed a fambly of three (3) hawks which

made failed attacks against a hapless squirl.

Perhaps the three birds are the peregrines who

most recently lived atop the power building.

Mondé was the werk=day when i found out my

food schtamps have moved from the exploring

desk onto the eligibility desk. i discovered by

calling that my file has joined the "One Thousand

Unit". [i admit i am baffled by the

thousand of what? And if it has a thousand things,

why is it called a 'unit'?] It was MONICA who took

me back to town in her pick=up and droppt me

off near the hospital. ["If that's all the fu'ther

You wanna go..."] It was anothre bright day.

Tuesdé was cool and misty; i ate my grits and

gravy al fresco on the porch. Then i wandered

into the Department of Transport building where

DONNA informed me i'd have to go elsewhere to

do my second Change of Address. i didn't even

get to wear the VISITOR badge! {perhaps i'll just

let my licence renew in the eleventh month and

see what happens} i was more Successful at the

Assistance Office, where BIANCA helpt me get

my updates into the common slot=box. And i

only had to schtand on line for twenty minutes.

After a power nap and the obligatory visit to

the Publik Library, i defrosted my tiny freezer

and played a game of chess with Roomy #4.

Wednesdé was the day the bicycle rode more on

me than i rode on it. That is, she rode on the

bus to werk And cuddy=buddy FRANK toted her

and me 'home' in his pickup truck. {How am i

ever going to learn twelve ratios iffen i carry

my wheels more than drife them?!} That was the

werkdé i left my ishpod in the Slack=shack. It's

been recently rough without my music-machine.

Thursday, i wandered far to accomplish little

while interesting mail was wending its way into

my little black box. {i must admit the ham and

cheese sandwiches at cherch were quite tasty}

There were two envelopes from the County

regarding the self=same food stamps i'd been

werking on for days AND there was a lovely

cheque from LandLord numero uno as well.

As i had ridden the buses four times in the

morning, i gave my day=pass to Roomy #2 for

his Aventures in the later day. The rain was

coming & going throughout. Somehow i made

a recycle walk without getting moist...

Friday was all about getting the money to the

persons who most Deserved it. My rent went

to LandLord numero dos and my Deposit check

flew in the mail to the beach for my gracious

brothre. {It hurts my hands to have cash in

them} Yet, with all that, i also packt Pop's

seabag with dark laundry and warsht them.

Oh! And i had to write some stuff to the net.

Something else interesting happened that day:

as i was walking on the mall between Sixth &

Fifth Avenue, one of my fellow afflicted ones

[a woman in a small group] called out to me,

"Hey, kid." i responded with my usual and

generic,"Hey, there." Maybe i'm a member now.

Saterdé was hotly sunny (82°) yet strangely

fluid. There were many customers who came

to the Parish, but it wasn't the usual crush.

And of the ones who came, quite a few brot

me beverages [lemonade, birch beer, iced

tea]. On the walk back i scored sauce and

pasta, cheese and corn chips for the week.

And that's^ pretty much how it happened.


^posted as TRIG

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


independence day, two thousand nine

«semi=permanent camping» Upcatch:

June 25th, we brothres contributed

seven (7) suitjackets, a blender and

a mixer to charity. We also delivered

the schmall television and some kitchen

utensils to the rooming haus. After

visiting the market [an habitual walk],

we both took a well=deserved powernap.

There was baked chicken in the evening.

June 26th, early, i acquired my Money

Order for the new landlord. {These are

very interesting places...the banques

which are Not really banques} GOODWILL

was the recipient of yet more crud,

including the iron and board, many

compact discs, audio & video cassettes,

as well as assorted random glassware.

Brother Turtle left for Karaoke before

i boiled the last of the potato flakes.

June 27th, i werkt a full day on the

Yard; BRIAN brot me iced tea and an

ice cream sandwich! We met a lovely

German girl at the restaurant that

night--she approached us on account of

my thriftstore martial arts T=shirt.

{Oddly, we brothers had been talking

about germanic themes during the meal}

On Sun=Day, i had multiple morning

misadventures--i woke late from not

having set the alarm, i found the bike

in the basement with the chain slippt,

AND the only key which my Instructor

had given me for black beauty was not

the ignitional key. So~i was late for

cherch. But i did have my pressure took

by the ministress of health. NOON, we

ferried cold goods and boox to the room.

But there was anothre snag...i'd forgot

to include ten (10) dollars to DENNIS

for the air conditioning. Thus we had

to bunny quick find the open Money Order

place and make that right. While DENNIS

was happy to undo the overlock, he told

me that he would've taken cash for the

trouble. {It was the upstairs Shower

that he and WILL were putting in on the

resting day} That night, after the bike

ride in which i skinned my right knee,

i mopped the kitchen & the bathroom

[in that order] and attempted to use the

old decrepit vacuum cleaner. *scrub*

June 29th, we made the many donations...

togethre a scanner, printer, beatbox

and shredder; separately, while i was

werking, my Advocate found Time to lay

off the big television & the big stereo.

{i have shrunk before & i'll do it again}

Four (4) of us ate Italian that night.

*end of Part One* ~slac~

Tuesday, July 7th, °9--«continuance»

Bright and early last Tuesday, the fierce

foursome had real coffee at the bistro.

We also had a hearty breakfast at our best

favourite diner. After that^ we strained

and rushed and broke our souls to dislodge

the contents of the big Apartment toward

the rooming row. Yet with all the frenetic

whirlwind of hustle, my brothre and i still

managed to get into a minor car accident.

{that put some skids on essential Progress}

My sister and her beau did witness the near

final walkthrough with my first landlord.

My advisor did the last of the car=work

while i rode my bicycle from one to other,

the comfy place to the more interesting one.

We must have all schlept like tops...

Wednesday was more or less like a normal

workday when one looks at it dispassionate.

My brothre buzzed by on his way to catsit

in Connecticut for the other good Sister.

[She and her husband are minding his young

brother in TEXAS, who is needful of care.]

That evening, i met Señor BORGES on the

porch. We had a fine confabulation, altho

he is moving to a better building. Amigo.

Thursday, i ate my grits al fresco, checkt

my e=mail at the Library & fulfilled my

Application for a second SocSec identifier.

Had lunch with the Lutherans. Wandering

away from the Library again, i found a

free bus pass tosst in the trash! i used

it to travel to the old place, where my

former LandLord helped me put Pop's box

spring and mattress & my Jewish godmom's

comfy [but ratty] chair to the curb. He

noted that we could put extra bulk items

out because,"I've got four units here...

the collectors don't know if it's all from

one Apartment." Friday was a very weird

day; although it was only the 3rd of July,

many government buildings and the career

centre were closed. {i know this Acause

the buses were running and i rode many}

Saturday was the true Holiday for me but

i managed to launder my dirty clothing at

the coin=op in Town. The firewerx that

night were barely visible through the

alley--but we enjoyed them less=the=none.

*end of Part Two* ~slac~