Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday, January 30th, +9...

Where does the continuum go? There's

gonna be some kinda big game on SunDay

already again once. i may watch it in

bits & pieces Acause the PRESIDENT is

a schteelers fan. Mondé will mark a firm

hash=mark for the Colonel; it's a numbre

of decades between two (2) and nineteen

(19) which he's been gracing the Earth.

{somewhere in the OT it is said,"The day

of a person's birth is not notable, but

the day of their demise is of report."}

The PATRIARCH=in=law [babaloo] had his

celebration Yesterdé i owe him a

Happy Happy message. id est, i shoulda

coulda woulda oughten to have done some

thing Nice for him while he was Visiting

just last week=end! He'll forgif me of

it anaconda i am an embryonic up=schtart

AND he, like the Colonel, is a Pillar of

the Fambly. {Mothers form us into Hearts

and souls; Dads fill in the bones & guts}

What? me? parentheticle? Parish the thot.

PUNXSATAWNEY! i need a check=spell even

for that werd, and i was AT the Liberry

even to=day. ~muchly-dutchly~slac~

Monday, January 26, 2009


Monday, January 26th, °°9...

MAISY had the good plan to come and

visit the Walley with her hubby on

the weekend of ROBBIE BURN's birfdé,

and, for the most part, the plan did

not go agley. There was a meeting of

Camp Counselors at the downtown brewery

Saterdé night...but they also got to

see plenty of me and the CAT fambly.

MAISY and her man took me out to Our

favourite nearby schteakhaus Friday

[yes~i had the schteak] AND to brunch

at Our best GREEK diner down=the=hill

on Sundé. They took CAT and the kids to

lunch at a long=time fambly café on

Saterdé, while i was werking. [yes~it's

been chilly in the boof.] All=in=all

a perfectly nice Confluence to upcatch

on evything in a brief week=end! Am i

writing in complete sentences? Maybe.

Oh! And they retourned Home by way of

MAISY's native city, where she first

met her husband as a teenager. (18,

and not at all far back in Memory!)

The ENGINEER is setlling into werk in

HOUSTON with his best bud from ATLANTA.

It's warmer there, i am sure, and my

brudda is probly Ecstatic of that.

{i neglected to write about the coyote

we saw while he was so recently here}

Who else had haggis 'cos i didn't...

~half=scot slac~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tuèsdé, January 20th, +9...

i shall fondly regret, someday, that i did

not join three million (3,000,000) people

in the cold capital for the Installation of

the fo'ty=fo'th President. But i can tell

all my friends that i had the ring=side seat

via that tele=video thang. Thanx, C-Span.

i was very happy to see my Acquaintances upon

that dais...Jimmy Carter & Joan Mondale,

whose hands i have shaken, and Bill Clinton

who spoke for his wife this past Year at a

local college. {they must be Americans 'cos

they schtill Love to live here} *choke*

As for the remainder of the GATHERINGness,

i join in their Joy of the wondrous moment.

They is my bruddas & sistas, all one percent

of them...witnessing dreamlike History.

Amorro will be Bright i am certain, after

the gracious Partay. Peaceful transition,

and VOTE in the next elect~slac~

Friday, January 16, 2009


And yet, and yet. The cold bears
down and the schnow is coming.
Days to accomplish, nights to rest~
What else is there?

"The souls of the just are in the

hand of God, and no torment

shall touch them..."

It was a cold & snowy day. Dan &

Eva & Janice drove me to the plot.

She was lowered by two very nice Hispanic and one

Bosnian. I was glad to meet them.

^reposited from and5^

The engineer and i just barrel=aced thru Pennsy

from WEST to EAST today. I, for my part, drove

thru four (4) tunnels! WE spent this past week=end

with our KENTUCKY cousins; and just afore that,

WE visited Ron & Alan in CAROLINA...and toured

anothre famous author's home. It was a long

circuit, this southern sojourn of the second sons,

but Glorious and Wonderful all=to. I'll write more

about it as i complace myself of the epic retourn.

PRAY, dear friends, for CAT's patriarch who is

struggling mightily at the big hospital with many

ailments. WE love him so... [1-23-°7]

Bueño Dìaz de Los Padres, evybody! Dads

are wonderful to have around the House,

Xpecially iffen they Paid for it. [the Haus]

My Pop continues to molecularly reassemble

betwixt the STRAITS OF HORMUZ and the

AMAZON DELTA...with scant atomic visits

land=wise thru evaporation & condensation.

But i know Xactly where the old Salt's bride

is Reclining...i'll see 'em bof in rapture.

^six months ago, in jernal=land^

Thursday, January 15th, °9...modern=day:

this month, afore the fantasticle inauguration,

i am in the mind of memories. G knows who

we are, and if we remember Ours AND G

remembers us...then all will come right in

the after=here. It's a pleasurable thot!

The shepherd boy DAVID wrote all about it.

Of his twenty=third psong, i am apt to

condense: "...I shall never want...I fear

nothing...My cup is over=filled...I will live

in that house for All my Days." The King

and throne thing would come much later...

Friday, January 16th, zed9...sometimes you

land on the run=way, sometimes you ditch in

the Hudson and all hands are Saved. This was

a New Year, New York miracle and a brightshine

of good news in a season of bad news coverage.

There was anothre pilot recently who crasht a

perfectly fine small jet for his own bad Purpose.

Perhaps he had been reading too much recently

of all the Financial bail=outs & decided to stage

a real and personal bail=out of his own. It was

a small mistake to get caught trying to do it!

BERNIE MADOFF should only have it so rough.

One thing or anothre~i prefer the good news.

~cold=snap surviving~slac~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Cat brang some people by to look over the haus...
Contractors who would retrofit the shack at good
cost for fair flip. {i had my chance to learn this art
in the eighties from Kay & Ron, but opted for bingo
and concerts instead. Self=Kick} Nice people.
^reposited from 2°°6, merely three (3) Years ago^
{i wouldn't be in the Hausing market aday on dare}

Tuesday, January 13th, +9...the engineer is making good use of his Walley library=card; he gets to sit in a BIG room, fastly InterWebbing on his top=lap. Plus+, they have a real papre Dictionary there, in case he has to look up a schtrange werd. *Leaf*

He treated us this morning to the #2 breakfast at our favourite Diner...he had bacon & i had sausage. It's quite amazing we get along these days, 'cos we had Epic fights when we were schnotters! The sun is holding for the Visit, but very, very cold CANADIEN aer is coming to slam us. i am schtill consuming the meats that Kay sent for the Holydés...and so, have not put up a Wintre soop. But like my presence in the new Glow neighbourhood, i'll get there soon enuf. Appreciata, flowre=sun, for making it possible for Andrea & Vince to find me! It's my ancient ninja training which taught me to hide in plain sight. Veritas. ~until=the=next~slac~

Friday, January 9, 2009


Friday, January Ninth, ofNine...

the Engineer has retourned and i

am more than delighted of it.

We made the grand adventure today

of recycling, shopping at the Big

Market [to see our friends JANE &

PEARL] and having a light lunch at

one (1) local famous hot=dog joint.

Oh! And yesterdé, i refresht my

driving memory by taking the Black

Beauty for a schpin. Between all

these Actions, my overseeress foned

to pull me off werk for Tomorro...

there's a mild blizzard coming.

{i'd rather muddle through for the

cabbej & the Weathre is way worse

in the Pacific Northwest} *flurry*

Less=the=Never, we are caught the

up on our dishex & laundry And have

fantasticle undiscusst Plans for

making And9 a year to Remember.

Auspiciosity! We'll probly glance

in on the Iggles on SunDay...but

hey--the GATORS have already won.

{we have friends in Florida}

more afta the schnay clears all

~hostypicle slac~

Saturday, January 3, 2009


curio> HNY

~slak and You

Curio> /smiley/

~slak seems like and8 for a coupla hours

Curio> 5 3/4


~slak nah--i wake up with the Noise

Curio> very quiet here

Curio> I stay up, but Maisy goes to bed each night [time]

~slak i'm like that-but i can be Aroused by the slightest thang

[slak & Curio have a lengthy interWeb converse about Xmas '08...

of the grands & the gifts...and what has happened to the Beach Haus

near PLIMOTH which the entire fambly visited many Summers.]

~slak 34 now~i'm gonna run off my up=dial & listen to music

Curio> 35 ok see ya

Curio> 35 HNY!

~slak 35 smooch maisy FERVENTLY at the schtroke of Twelve!

~slak 36 and seeyasoon

^IMP edited severely & severally^

Fridé, January 2nd, ° was one of those Plastik

bugle=horns which aroused me at the Turn of Time. It was an

unusual & unwelcome Blowing, not unakin to the plaintif cry

of a MOOSE being wounded by Caribou Barby. Yet~it was merely

the much as i am already accustomed to...the mid=might Rising.

i surft the tee=vee for Fire=Werx & settled on a coupla

Episodes of ROD SERLING's Twilite Zone. {fifty years on

and that Programme schtill sets me on edge} *Black & white.*

CURIO, Maisy's proddling and perfect Husband, put me Avertently

in mind of the passing of my Father's Mother. She was a stern

and forceful woman of her day, yet not without beauteous Graces.

She is gone & scattered thirty (30) years now AND i tosst into

those same waves my Dad's ashy essence only ten (10) ago.

{One wouldn't want these Persons back, much=so the happy Times

One remembres having schpent withall!} Plus+, GrandMa's fine

last auto=mobile [the GREEN GHOST] aided evybody during/after

even HANE's Estate. i Celebrate the ORPHANS who haf made it

into this Astounding new Epoch. T'othres merely sleep...

Saturdé, January Third, °9...i haven't Arisen this early on a

Saterdé since UNDERDOG was a cartoon! Less=the=never, i made

the J bus run to wintre werk. We have a new Hauler in the

Parish and there were four (4) bright red shiny roll=offs

waiting for a mere Scoche of yard=waste. [the single stream

RECYCLING is just beginning & the new Company has got to set

me up for that.] A Sunny day to come away with last SunDay's

puxxle for doing amorro. Overmore, i closed early enuf to

catch the A bus afore the sun went down. Sure beats hiking in

the dark...altho many of the urban Christmas displays are now

disappearing. {leave evything up until GREEK ORTHODOX is over}

Schports: i am so sorry the LIONS were creamed in the Rose-Bowl.

They might could hire a young fresh coach. i kid, of gourse,

Acause Doctor Paterno is gonna hang in well until the Regents

bury him on the mid=field. Miraculously, some=how, our FILLY

Berds have made it into the off=plays...card=wild schtyle.

Could lightning strike twice in brotherly city? OR~could enuf

wind und schnow pour down on the othre teams, as G made rain

for the historicle Athletyx?! Remains to be seen, that which

i do not oculate grandly. i have a cross=werd puxxle to do.

~cool-duskily slac~