Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Cat brang some people by to look over the haus...
Contractors who would retrofit the shack at good
cost for fair flip. {i had my chance to learn this art
in the eighties from Kay & Ron, but opted for bingo
and concerts instead. Self=Kick} Nice people.
^reposited from 2°°6, merely three (3) Years ago^
{i wouldn't be in the Hausing market aday on dare}

Tuesday, January 13th, +9...the engineer is making good use of his Walley library=card; he gets to sit in a BIG room, fastly InterWebbing on his top=lap. Plus+, they have a real papre Dictionary there, in case he has to look up a schtrange werd. *Leaf*

He treated us this morning to the #2 breakfast at our favourite Diner...he had bacon & i had sausage. It's quite amazing we get along these days, 'cos we had Epic fights when we were schnotters! The sun is holding for the Visit, but very, very cold CANADIEN aer is coming to slam us. i am schtill consuming the meats that Kay sent for the Holydés...and so, have not put up a Wintre soop. But like my presence in the new Glow neighbourhood, i'll get there soon enuf. Appreciata, flowre=sun, for making it possible for Andrea & Vince to find me! It's my ancient ninja training which taught me to hide in plain sight. Veritas. ~until=the=next~slac~

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