Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Presently, i pause to schlice bread And guard my hacienda.

Sunday, 31 October, 2004...Power Interruption!

Must be a new day all=to. Had to reset my TVs by

and by, uncorrected clocks none-with-standing.

[TVs: those hunky dark boxes that werk way better

than this one.] Would that FOX might broadcast The

Simpsons schcary episode anight instead of a month

after Columbus Day. The balls get longer & longer.

Armistice dé, two=thousand Seven...we celebrate the End of

the War to 'End all Wars'. Which was a prelude to the Great

War. {is there irony in nomenclature?} Which was folloed by

a Cold War! it schtaggers the mere mind of a son of a Navy

Veteran...i'm the unfortunate batard who somehow didn't

even have to go to the POST OFFICE and sign up for selective

service. Yet, i am grateful to live in a relatifly free Nation

which is currently under its own 'limited' state of emergency.

11/12/2o-1o, i bundled up & took the flatted, fearful byke

AND all my sundries in pocket & pack to the bus-stop at the

corner of the 12th Avenue cemetery. But~i forgot the ring of

keys which holds my Parish gatekey?! No matter, i went thru

the office of the Parish werx and borroed an original. i haf

no trouble closing those locks at dusk; i'm forever carrying

the Key i need to Open. [the byke i put in the shared storage

unit, pro tempore.] 'Twas a light dé 'pon the Yard, yet JOHN

brot me espresso hard candies. HE is thinking of lending me

a mountain byke to ease the Wintre commute. (*Blessing?*)

There i was at the schtop on the highwé across from the Gas

Schtation under windy cool low-hanging clouds...Suddenly, i

amembered that the W bus only schtops there at 4:35 & 6:35 PM,

respectifly!? i turned my tail [and whited schneaks] Toward

the Correct catch=bus, a two mile walk and jog to the grox

schtore. Just made the J last into Town, near a semblance of

Homeness. {i haven't got used to the new Hours of the fine

regular Days!} At least i warmed up by moving so rapidly.

TITLE: Transient Transcendental Transformationalism

TEMP: it's moderate for Novembre, even pleasant

MOOD: Happy in darkness & light, Anticipatory all=ways

PUXXLE: i am making many mistakes on the hard sudokus

WIDEO: Amber Tamblyn on House, i love her from afar...

GROX: rosbif & provolone, celery & cuke for salad

HAER: fear the beard, it is old and unruly, seasonal

THOT: «People tend to ask me for direxions

because i seem to be a determinist; i have

not caught the shiftless shuffle nor the

languid lope of the completely Lost.»

XTRA THOTS:«Three things impel a cyclist: Defensifness,

Assertifness AND Intentionality.» and «It's hard

werk to be the chaplain of a Prison-Haus.»

TEXT: Tuesday, Novembre 16th, 2o1o...MIAMI is on the move.

But HE wiln't be far away--he's taking up the second floor

of the next haus on the alley. It is much more spacious

AND he gets his own kitchen AND shunky [with bathtub].

It's definitely a Positif schtep for him. Meantime, the

first unit of this stalag becomes available to members of

the current Fraternity. WHO should take it? i could make

my move from gamma=dog to Guardian with Blessings from

the Concierge. CHICAGO could transition cleanly closer to

the Lanai with incremental new Responsibility; AKRON of

Unit Two might opt for greater coziness matcht by less

finestral Solar brightness. (The occupant of Unit Five is

not a contender; HE is newest and Probational.) Time is

short & there oughta be a meeting of the minds! Of gourse,

Our Quakerton benefactor could also simply Advertise the

first floor to A greater new Person all=to. *iPondre*

Mercifull Mothre! it's getting quite hard to upcatch my

own=self on what's Happening! i haf been Serving extra

hours on the cleaning crew with MONICA & CATHY both...on

account of MONICA has half retired from Her great calling.

{Someone has to tidy up the Prison cells & the Conference

rooms} That is: i am cross=trained to Good usage for the

minor majority of Parish people. Whenever there's a patch

of extra Cabeej, i'll take hold of it; my whole fangdambly

Taught me that much. [yet~it only goes that far Again^.]

The werld is turning on a dime and on a worm...i had

forgotten how schlow the buses Are compared to byking...

My fone=cell needs a feet require warm and

anti=wet Boots for the coming Season...i should grade=up

my Schpectacles toward Schporty bifocalism [i only need

Glasses to see Disdainfully, Distantly] And~WHAT will i

get MILEY for her Eighteenth birfdé??! These are much for

a Progressifly positif person...Him whom CATHY called,

"Refreshing", on a recent JEEP© ride 'home'. ~slac~

Friday, October 15, 2010


And i schtill found the time-in-day to warsh my Whites. [1o-o9-o9]

+And if You're just joining the Schtory...the Concierge went,«You

guys think this is All fun and games...You'll learn.» i went,«Not me!

i am serious like a heart attack.» {i thrive on chaos with Drama}

Septembre First, MIAMI treated me after his werk & mine to a

coupla pork chops; i had sauerkraut mit mein. Symbiosis^

Second, after the comings & goings of the hausmasters, INDIANA

retourned for his toiletries; i remembred to put out the Trash.

Third, WE were short=handed & vehicularly challenged to refresh

the Food Pantry~Pastor JAMES and i werkt top-side AND we some

how made it all in Afore the next meeting. The QUAKERTON installed

a bike=rack on the veranda so that no future Person would ever try

to lift their bicycle up the schtairs into a 'room'. White Laundry.

Fourth, Acause the Concierge is ever=present in his electricle retire,

i must depart the premises earlier & earlier evydé! Schtrange that

one cannot put togethre neithre a decent break=fast nor the seemly

lunch dawn upon dawn; i drain my moka and warsh the cup out, so

i can pedal toward my Peacefull Parish. [5.4 miles in 45 minutes, at

7.2 MPH average & 15.2 maximum] There were also independent

thinkers coming to my Yard, moderately, BUT they were set=off by

cute KAREN, golfing BOB and a certain soul-mate, SHARON. {She

is only evre-present on account of her Mother is an organist in the

Tradition of GRACE & EVELYN, my music teachers} Tumult!


Sixth, This was the forced day-off, the taking out of my Aerco unit,

the day that DONALD found a ten dollar note upon the schtreet.

{i do not lose HAMILTONS upon HAMILTON Avenue, yet i find federal

Franklin Delano dimes where=ever Adhenoi sends me} Acause i was

free & easy to attend the town Faer, i attended the marionette show,

saw the big tigres, the Lion & ligre...watcht the frisbee-dog show for

a final Time AND visited my old neighbourhood friend, WALT, ran into

co-publik werker MATT & his wife, bumpt into ABIGAIL, our old papre

girl AND Dave of the high skool as i wandered aimlessly unto dusk.

It's not that i meant to connect with my Peoples at the faer, yet it

could not be helpt on account that i was off. [Mack used to say,«Am

I off? I've been off for years!»] And i put out the greasy garbage.

^That is not all i remembre of Septembre, but it'll do for Now.

It's the ides of Octobre already AND i can't catch my flanks with

fifteen fingres! Less=the=Never, i shall endeavour to make a

general report of the type i never do--on account of i might not

get anothre better idea Until Novembre.

Thursday, October 14th, 2o1o...the haus is filled with good people,

including CHICAGO, who had to retourn from visiting his ailing

Father in Puerto Rico & his Mother in Chicago. The cheese factory

held his job for him AND the concierge permitted him to alight in

the nearly next room of his [an Improvement for CHICAGO]. The

rest of the boys are behaving themselves, mostly, keeping it clean,

not causing upsets & paying the retired electrician, QUAKERTON

concierge in a Timely fashion. {i don't play with such things~my

seven Stays are Always covered on pay=day} Folding horth^

For some reason, the Welfare office increased my food stipend.

i'm not gonna complain of it to any=one! i am not hungry [nor too

thin] AND i make best use of loaves when they are Available...

{Give us this dé our bread, our to=day bread, Our amorro manna} My

health is fantastic acause of this...i eat the good food, the fresh food,

i Excersize bettre than any Person i know of my age. i bicycle and walk,

i showre & shave Appointedly, i carry my=self among all my friends

like a man as tall as i am. My soul is clean and clear on waking and

schleeping, day upon day~but i am too humble to take pride in it.

In Polytryx~there will be a sea change...WE must not forget to hold

'radicals' Accountable to schtate=wide Constitutional Conventions,

in every State & even unto the Contiguous congress, The Time is now

AND Now is the time. If the government of Chile can save its miners,

WE can preserve Ourselves. Just sayin', a thot=after. ~faer-way-slac~

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am only a Cloud of the mist of the Vapour which

obscures the Mountain...etcetera

Love 2 Love the werld ~slac~

Happy Labour Day and batten down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within the Eye. ~cloudyslac~

HOW TO BEGIN, as a kontinuation...of kind Labours

«Boo! Keep passing by my house.» --Roomy #1

Is it a rooming=haus OR a boarding=haus? The room

itself is One of the smallest i've known, tight and cozy.

i do not own any of the 'furnishings' in it. Overmore, it

can't be called room and board iffen there ain't no Table.

There is all the food held in Common, shared, disperst &

up eaten by the Residents under their chins wherever

they [WE] sit or schtand. {my very last kitchen table was

an horrible thing, snatcht by one of the engineer's Class

fambly membres while we rooted me out of the Oakhaus}

i know~the Place is a comfortable & Affordable hostel, an

Address to travel toward and fromwise on the life=path.

Because, it isn't where You live, but how You live...

Tuesday, September Seventh, 2o1o...Part Two opens:

August 26: There was no bread for me at the soop kitchen.

August 27: i met the new #2 man who is actually named after

a city!? Do i thus profesy? He is younger some and pale.

August 28: Almost left my gifted rüchsack at the gas station;

an elderly couple brot me a bag=lunch of PB&J with else.

August 29: After cherch, my Presbyterian surrogate father

gave me three (3) passes to the town Faer.

August 30: Acause i also wheeled downtown to my Credit Union,

the byke numbres were thus: 8.62 miles in 1:12:24 (one hour &

thirteen minutes) at a good 7.67MPH average, 17.99MPH max.

The day of werk was light but filling, including a coupla Visits by

my friend, SHARON, the delightful MORAVIAN. Tarps! And there

was Xcessif heat upon the Yard, but who will remembre it?

August 31: It was the out-moving of the INDIANA kid and MIAMI

was entertaining one (1) of his girls...i thus went to the dollar

schtore for glass Tumblers on account of she could not resign

her=self to drink out of plastic pint containers which pass

for MIAMI's coffe=milk. {i wouldn't beverate outta them either

for the fact that HANE used to piddle into samesuch} It is my

honour to help MIAMI even with the purchase of potatoes. HE

is the Protector of the Porch, as all. *TATCWP*

Septembre begins and i shall surely up=catch it in the resolve

of Part Two^^ ~tolerable~slac~

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


'SunDay, the first of August, i took a long, plain showre to benefit

my musculature...byke muscles, cleaning muscles & Ordinaries.'

...continuance... There was drizzle that Monday on the Yard, but it

did not interfere with my commute. For the garbage, i remembered

to toss out the last of the chicken legs which CHICAGO gave me

long before he left. {why take a chance with old, old thighs?}

Acause i was 'camping' in unit five, i set the ROCKY television to

wake me for antecommunion. i cookt new grits and warsht my

dishex. There was time at the Library & bread at the soop kitchen.

i departed the stalag at two o' three thirty, i schtowed the

bike in the boof, changed my shirt And joined MONICA for cleaning.

It was warm and schticky on the out=side, but cool and delicious on

the in=side. She was kind to drife me 'home' while i left the byke in

the boof. Wednesday, i took my coffee black. i don't mind it since

the hurricane i went thru with my niece and nephew in 1991. One

may have the xtra spexial creamy chocolate moka that i usually

prepare OR one can Arise with nearly nothing, or a caramel soda.

Conditions prevail & camping is fun. Thursday, after SCOTT and i

freestyled the morning office, the Concierge's assistant gave me

a free back=pack. i swore in my earlier life that i would never become

a bicycling, backpacking Bohemian living in the centre of a crumbling

city...yet that i am. {it is a fulfillment of some perverse Kismet of which

i am blissfully unaware} As i werkt with MONICA again, i took the ride

in her truk without taking the byke. That is, i relearnt how to take the

bus and walk this especial week. Friday [day four of sub=camping],

the television woke me again for a plain showre, a nicely listed

litany And the reschtock of the METHODIST pantry. It was DEB who

droppt me off to acquire my money ordre for the week, and it was a

light refill of that pantry as well [three vans full]. It was the afternoon

bus i took, to walk past the Islamic centre, to detrash & schweep the

Parish police department, to clean the Administraxn as well, to munch

on MONICA's delicious sequestered spaghetti, to grab the bicycle and

toss it onto her truk=bed for the ride home...a myriad & multiplicitous

day and evening to Accomplish the All! There would be bologna OR

tuna sandwiches waiting at the end of such journeys, as cappers of the

nights which shorten as Septembre comes. i am glad to have all these

friends~and all the ones which will be added day after day.

~end of Part one & to be continued~ -author-

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Tuesday, July 7th, °9--«continuaxn» Bright and early last

Tuesday, the fierce foursome had real coffee at the bistro.

We also had a hearty breakfast at our best favourite diner.

After that^ we strained and rushed and broke our souls to

dislodge the contents of the big Apartment toward the rooming

row. Yet with all the frenetic whirlwind of hustle, my brothre

and i still managed to get into a minor car accident.

My staff=sargeant did the last of the car=work while i rode

my bicycle from one to t'other, the comfy place to the more

interesting one. We All schlept like tops...

That evening, i met Señor BORGES on the porch. We had a fine

confabulation, altho he is moving to a better building. Amigo.

Thursday, i ate my grits al fresco, checkt my e=mail at the

Library & fulfilled my Application for a second SocSec card.

Had lunch with the Lutherans. Wandering away from the Library

again, i found a free bus pass tosst in the trash! i used it

to travel to the old place, where my former LandLord helped me

put Pop's box=spring and mattress & my Jewish godmom's comfy

[but ratty] chair to the curb. He noted that we could put extra

bulk items out because,"I've got four units here...the collectors

don't know if it's all from one Apartment." Saturday was the true

Holiday for me so i managed to launder my dirty clothing at the

coin=op in Town. The firewerx that night were barely visible through

the alley--but we enjoyed them less=the=none. *end of Part Two*

~slac~ ^posted to SLACKTOWN as vome on 7/8/9^

«To Serve Man» by the Cannamids... [reposit of 7/14/o9]

The Sun=Day after Independence day, i rode my bicycle to cherch.

But i got there too early at first & too late at last! Never mind~

my Pastoress allowed me to have some cake and coffee for the

cruise back into Town. Somehow, i found a free newspaper in the trash

near a small groxery schtore! The black cherry soda i had cost me 35¢.

After stowing the bike in my 'room', i walkt to the ART MUSEUM. {this

is also a religious act} Later, i poppt into a raucous Spanish

service on Tenth Avenue. Big musica... At six, i fell in with the

closest Presbyterians; we sang and studied one of the Psalms. At

GRESSER PARK [anothre cathedral] while the brass band played

i bumpt into my exercising sister, Cat. She is now mostly caught

up on my most recent camping adventures. Mild. Altho i waited

diligently for my regular bus on Monday at Tenth Avenue, i was

spirited to werk by friend and customer, BOB. Acause of the current

wonderful weathre, the Yard was mobbed for most of the day. Nice

night to walk as well. Tuesday--You haven't lived until you've

shaved in the kitchen sink using a steel pot cover for a mirror!

The lunch pantry was well attended but the salisbury steak was very

tough. Blueberry pie made up for that. i bussed to the career centre

and tweaked my résumé. {to think of all the address & fone numbre

changes i have yet to make} On Wednesday, drifer JOHN showed me

how to attach the bicycle to the bus. He gave me a gold star when

i unhitcht it at my werk stop. MAISY was kind to call me near the

end of Business and update me on her brother=in=law's progress at

the Houston hospital; his cytoreduction apparently went quite well.

Prayer! i rode the bike 'home' in 53 minutes. [it's mostly downhill

from the Parish into Town.] Xilerating and not at all hazardous.

Thursday was anothre gorgeous day to walk & ride, eat Sloppy Joes,

run a small laundry, attend an ART Reception AND meet a new

upstairs roomy. He is not much happy to be in transition, but

he is a pleasant Fellow. "Drama, Drama" Friday, i gathered my

rent from the bank and the credit union, scored the needed

money ordre AND just missed the charity van at the old Place.

Mere moments! It turns out to be just as well~cause JEFF has

people interested in the remaining detritus. {i'll miss that

dark mirror and Hane's final chest of drawers...}

That evening i finisht some ancient chicken soop and chekt out

Mike's bingo on Tenth and the Mall. No Mike. Some days are just

like that. ~slac~ ^posted as byke to Slack--the Log & to SpaceMy^

- - - - - - -^reposits^- - - - - - - - - - -

o7/11/2k1o~~The beautifull, beauty=full Rain came Yester-morn; it was

the welcomest thing in all the week! But it did prevent me from cycling to

werk. Also, the concierge and his compatriot came early enuf in the wet

to purge JERSEY's room. Which also made me leaf early for the j-bus.

{i've not forgotten how to ride the publik conveyances.} i walk well with an

umbrella and non=anti-wet boots. The Yard itself was lightly attended yet

perfectly equipt. Customer friend MARTHA came three times when the

sun reappeared...This^ whirlwind, tumultuous week=end continued from

my walking settlement into the less humid Risingness. The lord and his

leige poppt back into the dormitory at 0745 antemeridian, just after my

showre & third moka, with intent and meaning to polish a great many

linoleum® tiles on the second floor. {the concierge must already have a

'biter' on JERSEY's pad} It was too up=heaving for me to haul out my

wheels and travel i walkt the dé away again. It's good for

the pedalling muscles to periodically surrender to the pedestrian ones.

One may notice, of late, that i'm missing my grand breakfasts; yet i

make up for their Absences as the dé wears on. And~i never forget to

take my medicines with prayers. This^ is my testing Strength.

Thereof~i schpoke with an afflicted one by the Fountain at the park,

i took in a populous Baptism at the LUTHERANRY, i gleaned the NOSH

of melon=slice & half a bagle in the PRESBY cellar Afore my buddy,

SCOTT, lookt after the offering of the meal. [NB: my schmall cherch is

schtill lacking a Musician to lead its chanting; WE make a good sound

when WE try hard enuf] Then, discovering that the polishing trial was

incomplete, i went to the ART Museum! Such bright sun, such cool

places to visit; why would any=one remain in their Troubled tent?

it pondres me Acause i have been camping almost five (5) years now.

What are the bettre conditions which might prevail?? ~rhetorically

& syllogistically~slac