Tuesday, August 24, 2010


'SunDay, the first of August, i took a long, plain showre to benefit

my musculature...byke muscles, cleaning muscles & Ordinaries.'

...continuance... There was drizzle that Monday on the Yard, but it

did not interfere with my commute. For the garbage, i remembered

to toss out the last of the chicken legs which CHICAGO gave me

long before he left. {why take a chance with old, old thighs?}

Acause i was 'camping' in unit five, i set the ROCKY television to

wake me for antecommunion. i cookt new grits and warsht my

dishex. There was time at the Library & bread at the soop kitchen.

i departed the stalag at two o'clock...at three thirty, i schtowed the

bike in the boof, changed my shirt And joined MONICA for cleaning.

It was warm and schticky on the out=side, but cool and delicious on

the in=side. She was kind to drife me 'home' while i left the byke in

the boof. Wednesday, i took my coffee black. i don't mind it since

the hurricane i went thru with my niece and nephew in 1991. One

may have the xtra spexial creamy chocolate moka that i usually

prepare OR one can Arise with nearly nothing, or a caramel soda.

Conditions prevail & camping is fun. Thursday, after SCOTT and i

freestyled the morning office, the Concierge's assistant gave me

a free back=pack. i swore in my earlier life that i would never become

a bicycling, backpacking Bohemian living in the centre of a crumbling

city...yet that i am. {it is a fulfillment of some perverse Kismet of which

i am blissfully unaware} As i werkt with MONICA again, i took the ride

in her truk without taking the byke. That is, i relearnt how to take the

bus and walk this especial week. Friday [day four of sub=camping],

the television woke me again for a plain showre, a nicely listed

litany And the reschtock of the METHODIST pantry. It was DEB who

droppt me off to acquire my money ordre for the week, and it was a

light refill of that pantry as well [three vans full]. It was the afternoon

bus i took, to walk past the Islamic centre, to detrash & schweep the

Parish police department, to clean the Administraxn as well, to munch

on MONICA's delicious sequestered spaghetti, to grab the bicycle and

toss it onto her truk=bed for the ride home...a myriad & multiplicitous

day and evening to Accomplish the All! There would be bologna OR

tuna sandwiches waiting at the end of such journeys, as cappers of the

nights which shorten as Septembre comes. i am glad to have all these

friends~and all the ones which will be added day after day.

~end of Part one & to be continued~ -author-

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