Friday, March 19, 2010


Happy Joy Joy to my eldest Nephew. [3-19]

And a Happy Joy Joy to Cat as well, [3-20]

on *this* new spring day. [3-20] I sometimes

forget that her special [day] folloes the

othre one, diurnally & often Vernally.

Fryday, March 19th, mood is bright

and breexy, like the weathre. Oy, bonito! The

yard was greatly attended Odin'sdé, with many

regulars asking after my bicycle. It was again

today that i took her for a little schpin; i have

acquired a lighting system for her. That is, it'll take

me a coupla weeks to change my shape from

walking to wheeling. Last Saterdé was definitely

not the one for riding--too wet and too windy,

almost tornadic. SunDay was wet as well, and

even more=so for the baby who was Baptised

in the cherch where i catch the W bus. [i am

thus an extended godfathre of a boychild whose

last name is IRELAND?!] Oh! MIAMI is the great

provider of eggs for the haus, having an amigo

who owns or werx a farm; MIAMI [mi amigo?]

also gave me a portion of chicken soop which

came likewhere. {it is difficult for me to imagine

one of the hens which has given us so many

good brown eggs also being killed and cut into

the fresh soop} But~all this talk of eggs and chyx

is taking attention away from that coming fertile

bunny. Life! it schprings forth in Good Time...

JERSEY kinda misst the time=change even

though i had told him of it Afore he reclined that

night in his own rack. Perhaps, my people were

dismayed by the haercut Señor LOPEZ gave me

last Fridé; it is too short & will take long to grow

back out again. {am i less of one [1] person

residing in a squirlbox for the census on account

of having lost my dusky lox?} Pastor Stone thot for

a mere moment that i had joined the Corps?!

[Of which he was a member while my elder bro

served in many of the same places. *hmm*]

Of what's to happen to my iconic & schkraggly

beard during these High & Holydés--i shall permit

the word & spirit to move that blade and hand.


Friday, March 5, 2010


Fambly Mystery Solved! There are No extra spurious A's in the

natural name, Catherine. She was born & baptised just as you

see it, regardless of the DIOCESAN cherch title. 2.21.06

Tuesday, February 20, 2007...It was me driving through that

blinding snow=squall between Frederick and Alexandria. On

SUNDAY, we travelled South again, this time to visit Kay...

Mondé, February 23rd, +9...The sun did come Out on Saterdé,

as did some regular cuddies. And tho' as cold as was, i pasted my

Xposed face with screen=sun. ...This Year, like millions, i am

renouncing Poverty for LENT. It is a schteep climb.

Sunday, February 21st, 2o1o...the Great Girls were here for

nearly the whole week=end; they brang their entourage of mild

men. [BabaLoo, Harry & the Engineer] Obstensibly to Visit me

in my natural surroundings AND to reconnoitre the storage box.

{it^ is a very DENSE thing to keep so long after estatement...yet

me and the Turtle don't mind tending it a little Forward once}

Dinner! Breakfast! Dinner & Breakfast again! WE measure our

Progress by the fullness of our guts.

Friday, February 26th, was anothre schnay=schtorm to

remind us that Wintre ain't over. But she wasn't as bad as the

last one. Less=the=Never, she caused my taxes to go behind

yet anothre session. {At least they^ are free to do in one of the

cherch basements} From the late rising, i acquired tarjetas for my money ordre for the Concierge...and coppt that

Xtra Especial laundry detergent for the bunk=haus warsher.

Thursday, March Forth, 2o-1o...Jumping way ahead, by way of

Jumping just back: On Saterdé, the 27th, my first Customer on

the Yard was none othre than TOM who hauls the food pantry

pallets with his truck & trailer. {i recognised him afore he placed

me} There was also anothre truck & trailer of yard waste later.

{things are 'picking up'} Sun=Day, i attended the final mass of

a certain LUTHERAN cherch which traces its history in the Town

to 1917. Alpha & Omega~my first visit happened on their closing

day...the wine was white. They had coffee and cake with their

bittresweet Nostalgia, afterwise. Monday, i finalised my taxes

with LYNNE & BOB in the Moravian cellar--it schtrikes me holy

how many Good things happen in the off=rooms of cherches!

The main accomplish of Tuesday was a mopping of the upper

floor...yesterdé, the bus was crowded with familiars, altho the

drifer was Again different. OH! Schpeaking of public transport:

a very nice girl chatted me up last Saterdé After WE got off at the

shopping centre. [she werx at the big store & also goes to that

college on the W route] Whatever don't happen for Good in holy

cellars, will surely occur as one gets on and off municiple Vehicles!

~believing=the=great=believe, slac~