Tuesday, December 30, 2008


the title is a set of diatonic keys, which is neither
Here nor There. Why is it that, every Year, tween
December twenty-fifth and January first, HOSTILITIES
break out in the Werld? Isn't Peace come unto humanity
Often enuf to make a settled wintre and a Season for
schpreading kindness with Love? Pondres me much.
Tuesday, December 30th, end8...i transited fruitfully by
bus ToDay and nearly no=one required my Assistance.
That^ is Hope enuf that the friendly passengers are
faring bettre here=about than in the larger Werld!

One of the many things i accomplisht was to score

a coupla small cans of SAUERKRAUT from the grox

schtore. [CAT's gentleman friend is Providing her the

full Pork dinner; my Kraut is just for wieners and the
Germanic fortunate tradition] The Sun is growing

longer in the sky and my Brightness is retourning with

each elliptical minute. Now~if i could only get control of

my Page so as to garnish the Visitories i've celebrated in

months of Yore. Small matter: i'll come to it presently

Anon in o'Nine. ~resolvable slac~

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Saturday, December 27th, 2008...
sometime in the dark of morn Yester,
the ENGINEER zippt outta the Walley,
drofe to Filly [home of the WORLD SERIES
champeens] and flew back to Nevada.
{he has a natural aversion to nor'eastern
wintering} But, after some sun and mildness,
he will retourn. Motion is his milieu. Shine!

i schpent the dé on the buses yesterday,
transiting from the NorthWest shopping
centre to the SouthEast mall...twice thru the
central terminal. i was a great help to three
(3) of my fellow riders: a delicate girl in
chequed tights who droppt a penny, a full
woman who droppt her wallet AND an older
couple whose wire wagon got caught twixt
the curb and the people=mover near to my
last schtop. {slac was ne'er a boy scout but
he behaves like One} Glad wishes i gave on
all of them. And~on a final ambulation, i
made friends with a mottled kitten. Happy
*new* Year! The Bird report: brother HAWK
has been sort of dive=bombing me lately. He [she?] swerved into a passel of Sparrows in an alley a coupla weex ago...swoopt atwixt powre poles as i walkt past the Lutheran cherch...and rapidly aerified across my field of vision just Aday as i strolled along the tennis courts.

Perhaps it is just showing off its fingerlings thru such flightful prowess.

Known=be=Truth~they come more close to ground in wintre Acause their favoured gliding thermals are harder to find. Solitary berds. Weathre report: the fog is ubiquitous...i can barely see beyond the oaks without my room. But i'm not complaining--it means the Air is warmer than it should be and that's Good.

HONOLULU is in unrequired darkness AND the Elected Man is there for the Anomaly?! ~thusitis~slac~

Monday, December 22, 2008


yesterdé, all my troubles seemed so far away:

The ENGINEER is coursing through the

Sunshine State by now; he'll turn northward

afore the Solstice. It will be Good to have

him here, in the Accelerating Elliptic when

Christmas comes. ~slac edits well~

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008...

Turn me around on a penny for blinking.

The ENGINEER foned me from CAROLINA.

That boi can sure move the fast iffen he wants

to. He'll haf to be careful he don't run into his

own Self driving on the othre side of the road!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008...And in the

wink of a blink, the self=same ENGINEER

arrifed in the Walley on Friday afternoon.

{needles=to=say, We schpent the weekend in

frenetic Actifity allto} Someday soon, i'll catch

up to Glowing & Drafting in this wonderful new

Neighbourhood! Until then: Sunny SOLSTICE!

~crunchy underfoot slac~

`loo- have a good walk?

~slac yes

`loo- good for You

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


mondé, decembre fifteenth and eight...
where do the Time=Space go? i've been
too busy to shave! [the burnsides and the
haers on the throte are pitiful short] Yet
i found a day to have my wings clippt for
Wintre. Someone remind me to trim the
'beard' during the Inaugural. Speaking of
polytryx--who knew there was Corruption
in the LAND of LINCOLN?? Amazing.
Aday was faer and mild in the Walley...
i wore too many layers. i swappt my musik
at the Public Library [six for six]. i come
to find out, by my selections, that i really
dig them Rhythm & Blues. Must be all
those trips i made to Memphis. Then, i
made a brief transit to the grocery schtore
near my parish Yard. [Grits and eight eggs.]
{i know a place where i can buy six eggs?!}
Currently, my chicken breast is cookt.
This morning, the UPS truck droppt off a
package from the ALEXANDRIANS...
HolyDay goodies in a cardboard box!
The ENGINEER is coursing through the
Sunshine State by now; he'll turn northward
afore the Solstice. It will be Good to have
him here, in the Accelerating Elliptic when
Christmas comes. ~slac buses well~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tuesday, December 9th, °8...

it felt weird yesterdé, not to go

into werk. But i made myself Aptly

useful, drying sheets & clothes,

running the dish=warshing machine

and schteaming snap=beans to have

with the last of my chili and penne.

OH! And putting out my garbage and

recycables in a responsible manner.

A very good Mondé all=too.

Saterdé, Father XMAS rode up to the

municiple building on his laddertruck

while a gentle schnay fell upon the

cold, dark Parish. {i can't remembre

it ever schnowing this good for him

in Years past; it was magical} Joy!

Now~as for this economy...i am not

overly concerned of it ['tho it has

been made grandly Horrible] acause

i can sense to see a corner=turn.

My own hours will increase toward

the inauguration & into the year.

Othre blessings shall come to those

who hold tight and pay or save with

actual money. It's a new model.

Over=more~you're hearing this from

me, the slac who is Nothing and has

Nothing; yet i am blesst with warmth

and Comfort in all my Endeavours?!

{be an economer, not an economist}

more amorro~$la¢~

Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday, December 5th, °8...what is the

Native American xpression for 'man who

walks around village with cat on shouldre'?

The cat is nine (9) years old and none too

proud to lick French Vanilla ice=cream off

a schpoon at the RITZ. Over-more, is it

possible to begin a Glow entry with a

digression? Perfect ponderances^

LOCAL NEWS: there has been far too great

a numbre of random Xplosions in the Walley;

some of which i have heard myself. *boom*

i pray that some of the infrastructure moneys

which may, or may not, come trickling in

from DC and the casinoes..goes toward

grading up the natural gas=lines around

these parts. It's just unpleasant to have

your home or bidness blow up at odd hours

when the Fire Department has a shortage of

trux?! Meantime~check your own metres.

But that^ wasn't interesting Walley news to

the Filly market. Rather~two (2) channels

came to visit on account of a deer carcass

which some=how came to be schtored,

briefly, in the kitchen of a pizza parlour!

First & utmost: deer hunting Season has

just started and the poor dead dears have

to go somewhere. [rent a real cooler.]

Second & slightly: the Proprietor of the

pizza shop had never any intention of

butchering nor serving the body of that

animal to any of the Patrons. ["I was

holding the carcass for a Friend."] Third

& least notable: a Customer who caught

a glance of that perfectly edible morsel

from the counter went and squealed to the

Health Department that there was more

than mortadello on the menu. Zounds!

Regardless=of=much, i found the whole

schtory ridiculously unremarkable...it won't

be remembered for very long in these Days

and Times. Altho~the shop here=after can

advertise,"Our stomboli are made with

fresh doe." A cat eating ice=cream al fresco

is better the Thing. And amorro, SANTA

comes to the Parish while i am collecting

the last of the Yardwerk! *brisk* ~slac~