Saturday, December 27, 2008


Saturday, December 27th, 2008...
sometime in the dark of morn Yester,
the ENGINEER zippt outta the Walley,
drofe to Filly [home of the WORLD SERIES
champeens] and flew back to Nevada.
{he has a natural aversion to nor'eastern
wintering} But, after some sun and mildness,
he will retourn. Motion is his milieu. Shine!

i schpent the dé on the buses yesterday,
transiting from the NorthWest shopping
centre to the SouthEast mall...twice thru the
central terminal. i was a great help to three
(3) of my fellow riders: a delicate girl in
chequed tights who droppt a penny, a full
woman who droppt her wallet AND an older
couple whose wire wagon got caught twixt
the curb and the people=mover near to my
last schtop. {slac was ne'er a boy scout but
he behaves like One} Glad wishes i gave on
all of them. And~on a final ambulation, i
made friends with a mottled kitten. Happy
*new* Year! The Bird report: brother HAWK
has been sort of dive=bombing me lately. He [she?] swerved into a passel of Sparrows in an alley a coupla weex ago...swoopt atwixt powre poles as i walkt past the Lutheran cherch...and rapidly aerified across my field of vision just Aday as i strolled along the tennis courts.

Perhaps it is just showing off its fingerlings thru such flightful prowess.

Known=be=Truth~they come more close to ground in wintre Acause their favoured gliding thermals are harder to find. Solitary berds. Weathre report: the fog is ubiquitous...i can barely see beyond the oaks without my room. But i'm not complaining--it means the Air is warmer than it should be and that's Good.

HONOLULU is in unrequired darkness AND the Elected Man is there for the Anomaly?! ~thusitis~slac~

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sunflowerkat321 said...

I hope your holidays were happy Slac!

Best wishes for the year 09!