Tuesday, December 30, 2008


the title is a set of diatonic keys, which is neither
Here nor There. Why is it that, every Year, tween
December twenty-fifth and January first, HOSTILITIES
break out in the Werld? Isn't Peace come unto humanity
Often enuf to make a settled wintre and a Season for
schpreading kindness with Love? Pondres me much.
Tuesday, December 30th, end8...i transited fruitfully by
bus ToDay and nearly no=one required my Assistance.
That^ is Hope enuf that the friendly passengers are
faring bettre here=about than in the larger Werld!

One of the many things i accomplisht was to score

a coupla small cans of SAUERKRAUT from the grox

schtore. [CAT's gentleman friend is Providing her the

full Pork dinner; my Kraut is just for wieners and the
Germanic fortunate tradition] The Sun is growing

longer in the sky and my Brightness is retourning with

each elliptical minute. Now~if i could only get control of

my Page so as to garnish the Visitories i've celebrated in

months of Yore. Small matter: i'll come to it presently

Anon in o'Nine. ~resolvable slac~

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slac said...

i apologise for the mess^>>
but i like the new n'hood