Saturday, January 3, 2009


curio> HNY

~slak and You

Curio> /smiley/

~slak seems like and8 for a coupla hours

Curio> 5 3/4


~slak nah--i wake up with the Noise

Curio> very quiet here

Curio> I stay up, but Maisy goes to bed each night [time]

~slak i'm like that-but i can be Aroused by the slightest thang

[slak & Curio have a lengthy interWeb converse about Xmas '08...

of the grands & the gifts...and what has happened to the Beach Haus

near PLIMOTH which the entire fambly visited many Summers.]

~slak 34 now~i'm gonna run off my up=dial & listen to music

Curio> 35 ok see ya

Curio> 35 HNY!

~slak 35 smooch maisy FERVENTLY at the schtroke of Twelve!

~slak 36 and seeyasoon

^IMP edited severely & severally^

Fridé, January 2nd, ° was one of those Plastik

bugle=horns which aroused me at the Turn of Time. It was an

unusual & unwelcome Blowing, not unakin to the plaintif cry

of a MOOSE being wounded by Caribou Barby. Yet~it was merely

the much as i am already accustomed to...the mid=might Rising.

i surft the tee=vee for Fire=Werx & settled on a coupla

Episodes of ROD SERLING's Twilite Zone. {fifty years on

and that Programme schtill sets me on edge} *Black & white.*

CURIO, Maisy's proddling and perfect Husband, put me Avertently

in mind of the passing of my Father's Mother. She was a stern

and forceful woman of her day, yet not without beauteous Graces.

She is gone & scattered thirty (30) years now AND i tosst into

those same waves my Dad's ashy essence only ten (10) ago.

{One wouldn't want these Persons back, much=so the happy Times

One remembres having schpent withall!} Plus+, GrandMa's fine

last auto=mobile [the GREEN GHOST] aided evybody during/after

even HANE's Estate. i Celebrate the ORPHANS who haf made it

into this Astounding new Epoch. T'othres merely sleep...

Saturdé, January Third, °9...i haven't Arisen this early on a

Saterdé since UNDERDOG was a cartoon! Less=the=never, i made

the J bus run to wintre werk. We have a new Hauler in the

Parish and there were four (4) bright red shiny roll=offs

waiting for a mere Scoche of yard=waste. [the single stream

RECYCLING is just beginning & the new Company has got to set

me up for that.] A Sunny day to come away with last SunDay's

puxxle for doing amorro. Overmore, i closed early enuf to

catch the A bus afore the sun went down. Sure beats hiking in

the dark...altho many of the urban Christmas displays are now

disappearing. {leave evything up until GREEK ORTHODOX is over}

Schports: i am so sorry the LIONS were creamed in the Rose-Bowl.

They might could hire a young fresh coach. i kid, of gourse,

Acause Doctor Paterno is gonna hang in well until the Regents

bury him on the mid=field. Miraculously, some=how, our FILLY

Berds have made it into the off=plays...card=wild schtyle.

Could lightning strike twice in brotherly city? OR~could enuf

wind und schnow pour down on the othre teams, as G made rain

for the historicle Athletyx?! Remains to be seen, that which

i do not oculate grandly. i have a cross=werd puxxle to do.

~cool-duskily slac~

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