Friday, January 9, 2009


Friday, January Ninth, ofNine...

the Engineer has retourned and i

am more than delighted of it.

We made the grand adventure today

of recycling, shopping at the Big

Market [to see our friends JANE &

PEARL] and having a light lunch at

one (1) local famous hot=dog joint.

Oh! And yesterdé, i refresht my

driving memory by taking the Black

Beauty for a schpin. Between all

these Actions, my overseeress foned

to pull me off werk for Tomorro...

there's a mild blizzard coming.

{i'd rather muddle through for the

cabbej & the Weathre is way worse

in the Pacific Northwest} *flurry*

Less=the=Never, we are caught the

up on our dishex & laundry And have

fantasticle undiscusst Plans for

making And9 a year to Remember.

Auspiciosity! We'll probly glance

in on the Iggles on SunDay...but

hey--the GATORS have already won.

{we have friends in Florida}

more afta the schnay clears all

~hostypicle slac~


V said...

Slac, you have a friend in Philly!
I found ya thru Kat!

slac said...

i may be found by my Adherents,