Tuesday, March 31, 2009


TITLE: «Pounding Pavement»

TEMP: 50°f, sunny but Glovey

FLOWRES: asters, crocuses, daffodils

OCCUPANCY: 100%, aday

THOT: «There were Days like these in the

foretelling, but i was Young & inattentif.»

PRELUDE: March 26th, i found anothre Dime in

my Path [like yesterdé] AND helpt two (2) older

women Across TILMAN Avenue. On my way to othre

things, of gourse. There is a great Satisfy in

werking as well and as long as i did Yesterday

at the Parish Yard, and in entertaining the

vocal, thotful aids of my brothres & sisters.

Regardless=of=much~i find the Ones who

care for me are close to hand, including also

NANCY, my Supervisor, who granted me more

werk...and JEFF, my room=leaser, who has the

great Patience to hold me fast while thinking

of replacing the roof tiles which blowed off

during this windy Wintre! *Blessings*

TEXT: Tuesday, March 31st, and9...Altho i wake

with berds & sun, i am schtill behind of much!

The days which lengthen toward the High Holydés

also increase in broad and recurring troubles.

Yet~no courage has left me, acause i am werking

well while Xploring for more werk=as=well. [an endeavour

i ought've Took up twenty months ago]

Teach me to become semi=soluble in a Time of war.

Less=the=Never~my regular customers keep

helping and asking after me...NANCY [teacher]

brot me a cola with pufft pop=corn Saterday &

ERNIE [who loves cold weathre] brang me an

Apple and a ham sandwich yesterdé while the

bins were being traded out. My people^...

Also~BRIAN toted me 'home' from the Yard last

night as he was the last customer on the dusk.

My boot=leathre was thus Preserved for anothre

long walk. Amorro, as well as werking, i will solve

the werld which the President [Barack]

and i have inherited from Persons even so much

like my=self that i can scarcely Amembre the

many, many errors which have Accrued! ~Veritas~

id est, i move resolutely from Plastic to Papre,

from intangibles toward Objectif reality, paying

OUR natural faults to Faith... ~slac~

Monday, March 16, 2009


Friday, March 13th, °9...

i used to think the following were just

Xpressions. Not no more.

There's more month than Money.

We live from paycheque to paycheque.

One can choose between Food & medicine.

Oh, never mind~the Patriarch had the

perfect werds for it,"Things are Tough

all over." {Wise for one so Young}

Reposit: the Girls are so busy showing

houses on their turfs, they can

hardly be expected to call me more

than three (3) times a week.

[it's a real=estate joke^] And

speaking of fone=calls...i can

honestly say, when the Firemen ring

or the Sheriffs, or the benevolent

association of County Aggregates,

that,"No---Hane is not here." [^edited>]

Besides which~they always fone

when i'm trying 2 write a cogent and

scintillating Glow entry. Maybe not

this one...but your call may be

recorded 4 future sales purposes.


March 17th, °5^ Futurific Reposit: [edited]

Wednesday, March 19th, °8...nearly

three (3) years later & just as wet!


of the fortunate vagabonds who meandered

into that west=end COLLEGIATE BASKETBALL

arena where BILLY BLYTHE gave a speech

in favour of his wife, while reminiscing

wistfully about his own Term in Office.

{i didn't schtay for the whole monologue}

Oh! And i met a very nice yoga instructor

while i waited. History: i attended an

ELO concert in that same building when

i was a mere child & Yes, i inhaled...

The dé was moist, cool and grayly dreary.

But i had to wandre on to buy a brisket.

Modern day: Monday, March 16th, +9...

On my way to werk Saterdé, i found a

dollar on the pavement outside the grox

schtore. And as much as i wanted to cram

it in my own pocket, i lookt around and

askt after two women if they'd lost one.

Sure enuf, the woman just getting into

her auto had droppt it. Honesty--i'll haf

to keep cultivating it for the time being.

Werk was busy until dusk...but not every

body in the Parish knew i was open. It

was a cool dark walk back to the N'hood

where i nearly live. ['tho i walk thru

a shadowy walley, i'll take the extra

hours.] Aday was not nearly as well

attended by customers but the new guys

contracted for the roll=offs are cool.

No brisket this year; i'm just finishing

off a can of 'meatball stew'. Irish!


Thursday, March 5, 2009


previously unpublisht Material:

Mondé, March fifth, °7...i drove the Black Beauty

yesterdé and i drove it again todé. This is becos

Turtle is nursing a head cold---he barely walks around

the APT. Last night, we had the billy=chili over rice;

todé, we split a can of WEDDING SOOP. The COLONEL and

his bride called us last night, saying they were 'checking

in'. I'm not sure what to make of that expression^, but

both MAISY and the COLONEL seem to like its locution. His

bride wanted to be sure i heard about the trip to Ireland.

And we filled in some othre blanks of informaxn. Soon enuf,

we will see evybody at COUSIN MAISY's nuptials in Carolina.

Fridé, March 9th, °7...ROCKY dropt by the apartment todé,

the dé after her birfdé, to do some finances with her

Sire. What an amazing thing to witness! WE are all fighting

a pernicious rhinovirus. The only thing worse than

Talking with Turtle while he's tickt is Talking with

him=self while he's tickt AND fighting a COLD! The

bettre dés must come, surely. [edited]

Like i said~the bettre dés MUST come. It seems a good

place to end log=jernal thirty=three (33). Sneeze.

Tuesdé, February 26th, o8...Ever get the feeling you

were on the wrong side of the tightrope? The under=side??

The least i can say on this dreary, cold, wet, rainy

Tuesdé is that my taxes are done. Evything else is

Forlorn. [edited] Pride does go before a Fall, even in

Wintre. Well~my sheets are clean & my Soop is tasty...

Fridé, March 7th, °8...the landlord casht his cheque.

The JEHOVAS did visit. Turtle called from Vegas to tell

me he's winging East=wise. The rain has schtarted again,

as if we did not yet get enuf! i am on the verge of

putting up a BABA chili for my=self and whomsoever will

have it. [edited] It's gonna be a long month until i go

back to werk, waiting for my tax refunds. Ah, well~Life

isn't so much Hard as too darn long!

Thursdé, March 13, 2°°8...Cousine [name] gave birth to

her [boy=child] last fridé! HooRah! Turtle is safely back

in [State]. Yesterdé, i bumpt into [Neighbour] at the

grocery schtore; we talked about Housing. {i also askt

after her brothre, RON...he's doing okay} [Apt Neighbour]

said a funny thing as he pickt up his mail: "You haven't

seen me since I got my HDTV...Acause i never want to leave

Home." This week, i have to fill out a radio survey; they

won't get much information from me Acause i only use the

Radio to wake up. *TATCWP*. The storage people need

more cash than i've sent them...something else to fix

with little And no money. {it's normal for me to panic

around this time of month any=how} What to do~What to do!

Good Fridé, °8...Wezné, i wandered over to [the college]

to see BILL CLINTON schpeak. ^edited ProLogue/Prelude^

Thursdé, March 5th, +9...a Wise old ancient once said,

"Better a Neighbour who is close at Hand, than a brother

who is far Away." It puts me in mind that the engineer

is well travelled but some=times badly used. A wise more

modern One recently said to me,"Be carefull of those

storage units; YOU might end up Living in one of them."

And as i walkt thru the CITY yesterdé, i noticed two (2)

Prisoners being Escorted to & from the CourtHaus by

their constables. {i thankt the Grace of G i wasn't

shuffling as PETER toward Places i wisht not to go...}

Also~as i trod past the central bone=yard, i sighted a

faer-haered Maiden adjusting her Electonicle ankle

bracelet as she approached my Freedom. This! i had not

expected to witness at all--a young and Precious thing

encumbered by a footed black box which covered the very

base bone of her Motion! {they^ are fierce markers that

i should Notice on my reckless, feckless Travels}

Aday, i traded two coins of filthy lucre for five of a

lesser Value & a piece of papre which got me Coffee &

Eggs..the sum of current Occurences, as i pet the dogs,

watch the ROBINS and Wandre thru this wily werld.