Monday, March 16, 2009


Friday, March 13th, °9...

i used to think the following were just

Xpressions. Not no more.

There's more month than Money.

We live from paycheque to paycheque.

One can choose between Food & medicine.

Oh, never mind~the Patriarch had the

perfect werds for it,"Things are Tough

all over." {Wise for one so Young}

Reposit: the Girls are so busy showing

houses on their turfs, they can

hardly be expected to call me more

than three (3) times a week.

[it's a real=estate joke^] And

speaking of fone=calls...i can

honestly say, when the Firemen ring

or the Sheriffs, or the benevolent

association of County Aggregates,

that,"No---Hane is not here." [^edited>]

Besides which~they always fone

when i'm trying 2 write a cogent and

scintillating Glow entry. Maybe not

this one...but your call may be

recorded 4 future sales purposes.


March 17th, °5^ Futurific Reposit: [edited]

Wednesday, March 19th, °8...nearly

three (3) years later & just as wet!


of the fortunate vagabonds who meandered

into that west=end COLLEGIATE BASKETBALL

arena where BILLY BLYTHE gave a speech

in favour of his wife, while reminiscing

wistfully about his own Term in Office.

{i didn't schtay for the whole monologue}

Oh! And i met a very nice yoga instructor

while i waited. History: i attended an

ELO concert in that same building when

i was a mere child & Yes, i inhaled...

The dé was moist, cool and grayly dreary.

But i had to wandre on to buy a brisket.

Modern day: Monday, March 16th, +9...

On my way to werk Saterdé, i found a

dollar on the pavement outside the grox

schtore. And as much as i wanted to cram

it in my own pocket, i lookt around and

askt after two women if they'd lost one.

Sure enuf, the woman just getting into

her auto had droppt it. Honesty--i'll haf

to keep cultivating it for the time being.

Werk was busy until dusk...but not every

body in the Parish knew i was open. It

was a cool dark walk back to the N'hood

where i nearly live. ['tho i walk thru

a shadowy walley, i'll take the extra

hours.] Aday was not nearly as well

attended by customers but the new guys

contracted for the roll=offs are cool.

No brisket this year; i'm just finishing

off a can of 'meatball stew'. Irish!


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