Tuesday, March 31, 2009


TITLE: «Pounding Pavement»

TEMP: 50°f, sunny but Glovey

FLOWRES: asters, crocuses, daffodils

OCCUPANCY: 100%, aday

THOT: «There were Days like these in the

foretelling, but i was Young & inattentif.»

PRELUDE: March 26th, i found anothre Dime in

my Path [like yesterdé] AND helpt two (2) older

women Across TILMAN Avenue. On my way to othre

things, of gourse. There is a great Satisfy in

werking as well and as long as i did Yesterday

at the Parish Yard, and in entertaining the

vocal, thotful aids of my brothres & sisters.

Regardless=of=much~i find the Ones who

care for me are close to hand, including also

NANCY, my Supervisor, who granted me more

werk...and JEFF, my room=leaser, who has the

great Patience to hold me fast while thinking

of replacing the roof tiles which blowed off

during this windy Wintre! *Blessings*

TEXT: Tuesday, March 31st, and9...Altho i wake

with berds & sun, i am schtill behind of much!

The days which lengthen toward the High Holydés

also increase in broad and recurring troubles.

Yet~no courage has left me, acause i am werking

well while Xploring for more werk=as=well. [an endeavour

i ought've Took up twenty months ago]

Teach me to become semi=soluble in a Time of war.

Less=the=Never~my regular customers keep

helping and asking after me...NANCY [teacher]

brot me a cola with pufft pop=corn Saterday &

ERNIE [who loves cold weathre] brang me an

Apple and a ham sandwich yesterdé while the

bins were being traded out. My people^...

Also~BRIAN toted me 'home' from the Yard last

night as he was the last customer on the dusk.

My boot=leathre was thus Preserved for anothre

long walk. Amorro, as well as werking, i will solve

the werld which the President [Barack]

and i have inherited from Persons even so much

like my=self that i can scarcely Amembre the

many, many errors which have Accrued! ~Veritas~

id est, i move resolutely from Plastic to Papre,

from intangibles toward Objectif reality, paying

OUR natural faults to Faith... ~slac~

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slac said...

i will correct the text, but it lays nicely Crasy^