Tuesday, December 16, 2008


mondé, decembre fifteenth and eight...
where do the Time=Space go? i've been
too busy to shave! [the burnsides and the
haers on the throte are pitiful short] Yet
i found a day to have my wings clippt for
Wintre. Someone remind me to trim the
'beard' during the Inaugural. Speaking of
polytryx--who knew there was Corruption
in the LAND of LINCOLN?? Amazing.
Aday was faer and mild in the Walley...
i wore too many layers. i swappt my musik
at the Public Library [six for six]. i come
to find out, by my selections, that i really
dig them Rhythm & Blues. Must be all
those trips i made to Memphis. Then, i
made a brief transit to the grocery schtore
near my parish Yard. [Grits and eight eggs.]
{i know a place where i can buy six eggs?!}
Currently, my chicken breast is cookt.
This morning, the UPS truck droppt off a
package from the ALEXANDRIANS...
HolyDay goodies in a cardboard box!
The ENGINEER is coursing through the
Sunshine State by now; he'll turn northward
afore the Solstice. It will be Good to have
him here, in the Accelerating Elliptic when
Christmas comes. ~slac buses well~

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