Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tuesday, December 9th, °8...

it felt weird yesterdé, not to go

into werk. But i made myself Aptly

useful, drying sheets & clothes,

running the dish=warshing machine

and schteaming snap=beans to have

with the last of my chili and penne.

OH! And putting out my garbage and

recycables in a responsible manner.

A very good Mondé all=too.

Saterdé, Father XMAS rode up to the

municiple building on his laddertruck

while a gentle schnay fell upon the

cold, dark Parish. {i can't remembre

it ever schnowing this good for him

in Years past; it was magical} Joy!

Now~as for this economy...i am not

overly concerned of it ['tho it has

been made grandly Horrible] acause

i can sense to see a corner=turn.

My own hours will increase toward

the inauguration & into the year.

Othre blessings shall come to those

who hold tight and pay or save with

actual money. It's a new model.

Over=more~you're hearing this from

me, the slac who is Nothing and has

Nothing; yet i am blesst with warmth

and Comfort in all my Endeavours?!

{be an economer, not an economist}

more amorro~$la¢~

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