Friday, December 5, 2008


Friday, December 5th, °8...what is the

Native American xpression for 'man who

walks around village with cat on shouldre'?

The cat is nine (9) years old and none too

proud to lick French Vanilla ice=cream off

a schpoon at the RITZ. Over-more, is it

possible to begin a Glow entry with a

digression? Perfect ponderances^

LOCAL NEWS: there has been far too great

a numbre of random Xplosions in the Walley;

some of which i have heard myself. *boom*

i pray that some of the infrastructure moneys

which may, or may not, come trickling in

from DC and the casinoes..goes toward

grading up the natural gas=lines around

these parts. It's just unpleasant to have

your home or bidness blow up at odd hours

when the Fire Department has a shortage of

trux?! Meantime~check your own metres.

But that^ wasn't interesting Walley news to

the Filly market. Rather~two (2) channels

came to visit on account of a deer carcass

which some=how came to be schtored,

briefly, in the kitchen of a pizza parlour!

First & utmost: deer hunting Season has

just started and the poor dead dears have

to go somewhere. [rent a real cooler.]

Second & slightly: the Proprietor of the

pizza shop had never any intention of

butchering nor serving the body of that

animal to any of the Patrons. ["I was

holding the carcass for a Friend."] Third

& least notable: a Customer who caught

a glance of that perfectly edible morsel

from the counter went and squealed to the

Health Department that there was more

than mortadello on the menu. Zounds!

Regardless=of=much, i found the whole

schtory ridiculously won't

be remembered for very long in these Days

and Times. Altho~the shop here=after can

advertise,"Our stomboli are made with

fresh doe." A cat eating ice=cream al fresco

is better the Thing. And amorro, SANTA

comes to the Parish while i am collecting

the last of the Yardwerk! *brisk* ~slac~

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