Thursday, November 27, 2008


ThanxGiving=Day, November 27th, °8...How did we used to

do minute=last groxery shopping afore fone=cells? Rhetoric!

i am gratefull for a good many things on this dé, but i am

ashamed and appalled at what the young Apostates are

doing in Bombay. They are Cowardly unholy monsters AND

they are devilishly perverting the message of their Prophet.

My holyday message to them is the same as it ever was:

CUT THE CRUD. Hatred, Murder & Anger are Sins.

i hope and Pray that everyone is travelling well from place

to place on this gorgeous and graditudinous week=end.

Maisy is moving South toward the Capsizer and his crew...

[they're probly eating their Benjamin Berd as i write this.]

Both my sisters have already been to FLORIDA aseason,

following that reliable rule~South in the winter, North in the

summer. The engineer has broken that rule by motivating

from Vegas to Reno...but we'll forgif him acause NEVADA

is a temperate and Western desert=land. Hey! Turtle!

Amembre how we had Turky dinner last year at that diner

on 20th schtreet? i'm schtill thankfull for that easy meal!

Aday~Cat & the kidren are basting and baking a Chicken;

it's not the berd, it's the FIXIN's! Blessingful Mercies, i've

cookt as much as the same on a great numbre of Holydés

AND the soop=after was just as warmly antiviral...

Kay & Harry are more'n likely co=ordinating their Feast

as well and best as Rosie & the Colonel, each in Place.

{it is the poorer Person who serves a netted presst berd

breast on such a day...yet G & J Bless ALL meals}

Saterdé will be a Happy Happy Joy Joy for Lizzer=Hane,

wherever She finds her lovely soul! Such a perfect and

pretty Niece all uncles should have [and i am loaded to the

Gizzard with three of them, two grand=nieces as well.]

Moderatus~the Bishop of MYRA is polishing his boots...


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