Friday, November 21, 2008



>posted as JAJA to the Web, with a bus=pass>

on Slacktown^ not slack back mack...>

Thursday...i rippt my share of cee=dees randomly

Fridé~COUSIN MARK's birfdé, epochal 8

TITLE: esoteric eclecticism, a schtock not Traded

MOOD: optimistik & gratefull, none=with=standing

MUSIK: disco, r&b, othre random Hits & jazz

WIDEO: haus repeats for the cheese=cake & banter

JOKE: a sheep and a border collie went gamboling

thru a field of Poppies in Afghanistan. They muncht

on some of the plants AND it went like this:

...baa...bark...COMA. [talibani ate 'em both]

ANAGRAM: see abof^

SOOP: noodles added, and bettre than tea=made

WEATHRE: cold but sunny, wear suede gloves & bootz

FLORA: trees bare, grass yet green

FAUNA: i schnuck up on a Hawk which flew from the bushes

Aside one of the out=of=werk Gasoline staxions!

TEXT: some=one, some=where sent me LATIN Commentary to

the effect of: "Lorem ipsum vim utroque mandamus

intellegebat, ut eam omittam ancillae, per et euis

solita veritus." Altho i am cat=lick & have only a

Glancing knowledge of such inscripteræ [i served as an

Acolyte at summer=camp during the Folk=song masses],

i'll need a Translator to suss the ken of that^

Compliment. Twas Ever Thus. Mitzvah & Mirabile...

Meanwhile~the Turtle/engineer/restless Itinerant has

moved NorthWise in the Silver Mountain state from one

project to the prospect of anothre. My brothre moves

faster and bettre than me from Point to Point, yet WE

are ne'er much Separated by genetyx NOR schpace=time.

{his children are my children, three blox away}

i am wandering & meandering in thot & Effort of

these ninth month Possibilities! [the Romans gave us

Novembre from the Nine; the Cherch of CONSTANTINE and

othres put it back in line.] TURKEY! i would not so

casually terminate the flesh of such a grand berd on

account of it was wild on the original Pilgrimage.


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