Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sundé, Novembre 18th, 2oo7...[edited repost]

TITLE: Thank the dé, Avancedly & behind=wise

MOOD: blustery mit [no] schnay yet

MUSIK: wait--i'm untangling my ishpod ear=buds,

and there's like four (4) media players on my Drive;

maybe [later] i'll schpin some 45s on my fonograf.

WIDEO: between EARL and er, i watched

the democratik debate from LAS VEGAS.

TEXT: i hope the devil=dogs forgif me for schkipping

over the USMC birf=dé on the Tenth; i was catching

up on the elexion results. Tuesday, November 20th:

i am behind of much! ...Maybe, just may=be, i will

catch myself up over the Gratitude weekend...Appreciata!

For all the schmall favours granted in loving=kind.

Tuesdé, novembrus xix, anno mmviii (present Day):

TITLE: a Flurry of Actifity


MUSIK: 70s disco & the Beatles' LOVE on ishpod;

just rented James Brown, Stevie Wonder & bee=gees

from the public liberry

WIDEO: sopranos...daily show...house

PUXXLE: done but not chekt

ANAGRAM: bar a cab moka, OR some=such

SOOP: about to boil a Breast, simmering now

WEATHRE: 33°, windy cold, mit schnay Flurries

FLORA: brown dead oak leafs on my rampart

FAUNA: i saw a six or eight point Buck Saterdé,

on the way home in the Dark--he scooted

TEXT: my buddy/cuddy PETE was good enuf & kind enuf

to transport me Home last night; he played a mix

cee=dee of SEX PISTOLS & DEAD KENNEDYS in the cab.

We also reminisced about all the magnificent shows

that were put on at the Aer=bingo [RAMONES, BEAT


it is Gratifying to have a friend who Appreciates

the "Classics"! Aday, i made the best use of the

bus=lines to Visit ALL my girls--from the Credit

Union to the farmacy [her name was MARNIE, like the

HITCHCOCK film] & back to the Liberry, where a

grand Audio-Visual docent was put out that She had

to resort the Davids. {there is a Drifer on the

A route who never conducts without his moll} It

was a fiercely Cold dé to carry a handful of

Quarters up to the APT from my attentif JAMIE...

in Hopes that i can ride again from soft to soft.

i am Anticipatory of more schnow, ~slac~

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