Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thursday, November 13th, °°8...

Velcome to slack=town, all and one!

With more gadgets than'll take

me about a month of Sundés to figger out

How to publish to this here Page. {i crave

Simplicity in a complex werld} What epoch

is this, any=way? i'm gonna affirm my efforts

to keep the text terse and tight. *right*

Currently, it's drixxly and dreary in the

Walley with wet leaves every=where.

Good thing i have my anti=wet boots.

It was quite dull on the Yard yesterday,

until my cuddie & buddy GARY brang me

a pint of VICKIE's home=made chicken soop!

Secret: it was bettre than my own.

My wintre beard [goatee] is mottled and

pie-bald but i've trimmed it up in Honour of

the page change. Filosofy~if facial fuzz can't

be discerned on a dappled autumn day, does

it schtill have a raison d'être? ~slac~

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