Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thursday, November Sixth, °°8...the New Epoch

For Simplicity's sake, i'm gonna Compose this one in Ariel

'tho i doubt it won't get gefutzled & befuddling on the Page.

{i'll probly need a coupla Sundés to up=fix my Templates}

i encourage all my Glowers to send me the linx to their new

Pages, via Comments, e=mail et cetera...VERITAS!

Meanwhile~there was a record out=turn for the most recent

Elexion; i applaud You all. WE now have a Pacific Islander

as President=Elect! G Bless him & Preserve him Acause

there's alotta werk ahead. [secret: i woulda Voted for the

John McCain who ran at the turn of the Epoch, but he made

too many Right turns 'twixt then & now.] i predict Great

things for SARAH HEATH...she is A SHARP NAIL.

Also~from now on, when i want to change the subject of

Dinner Conversation, i'll be interjecting with a hearty,

"Hey! How 'bout them fleegle Phillies?!" Amorro~slac~

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slac said...

this^ is Almost how my 'page' should read...hmm. i'll keep werking on them^^ ~Author~