Friday, March 5, 2010


Fambly Mystery Solved! There are No extra spurious A's in the

natural name, Catherine. She was born & baptised just as you

see it, regardless of the DIOCESAN cherch title. 2.21.06

Tuesday, February 20, 2007...It was me driving through that

blinding snow=squall between Frederick and Alexandria. On

SUNDAY, we travelled South again, this time to visit Kay...

Mondé, February 23rd, +9...The sun did come Out on Saterdé,

as did some regular cuddies. And tho' as cold as was, i pasted my

Xposed face with screen=sun. ...This Year, like millions, i am

renouncing Poverty for LENT. It is a schteep climb.

Sunday, February 21st, 2o1o...the Great Girls were here for

nearly the whole week=end; they brang their entourage of mild

men. [BabaLoo, Harry & the Engineer] Obstensibly to Visit me

in my natural surroundings AND to reconnoitre the storage box.

{it^ is a very DENSE thing to keep so long after estatement...yet

me and the Turtle don't mind tending it a little Forward once}

Dinner! Breakfast! Dinner & Breakfast again! WE measure our

Progress by the fullness of our guts.

Friday, February 26th, was anothre schnay=schtorm to

remind us that Wintre ain't over. But she wasn't as bad as the

last one. Less=the=Never, she caused my taxes to go behind

yet anothre session. {At least they^ are free to do in one of the

cherch basements} From the late rising, i acquired tarjetas for my money ordre for the Concierge...and coppt that

Xtra Especial laundry detergent for the bunk=haus warsher.

Thursday, March Forth, 2o-1o...Jumping way ahead, by way of

Jumping just back: On Saterdé, the 27th, my first Customer on

the Yard was none othre than TOM who hauls the food pantry

pallets with his truck & trailer. {i recognised him afore he placed

me} There was also anothre truck & trailer of yard waste later.

{things are 'picking up'} Sun=Day, i attended the final mass of

a certain LUTHERAN cherch which traces its history in the Town

to 1917. Alpha & Omega~my first visit happened on their closing

day...the wine was white. They had coffee and cake with their

bittresweet Nostalgia, afterwise. Monday, i finalised my taxes

with LYNNE & BOB in the Moravian cellar--it schtrikes me holy

how many Good things happen in the off=rooms of cherches!

The main accomplish of Tuesday was a mopping of the upper

floor...yesterdé, the bus was crowded with familiars, altho the

drifer was Again different. OH! Schpeaking of public transport:

a very nice girl chatted me up last Saterdé After WE got off at the

shopping centre. [she werx at the big store & also goes to that

college on the W route] Whatever don't happen for Good in holy

cellars, will surely occur as one gets on and off municiple Vehicles!

~believing=the=great=believe, slac~

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