Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The Colonel is another Year older, and ignores his shadow

on such a day. I haven't seen mine today either and it wasn't

for the lack of looking. There will be six (6) weeks of Wintre

remaining, regardless of the actions of so many small brown

furry rodentiæ. ^reposited of o2o2o5^ [or ROBOTS]

Saturday, February Second, superbol ballfoot

Prognostication is thus: the Game will be won by a team

whose name ends in ~ts. Bet the farm.

Tuesday, February Second, twenty-ten...the Lunch today was

hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. i had my favourite

bluepie for dessert. i took away a sliced loaf of Pumpernickel.

{many people, afflicted AND unafflicted, don't fancy the dark

breads but i do; i do have a thing against baked beans but

will consume them in the Spirit of Receivership} Last night,

JERSEY put too much berd into his rotary oven and set off

the building alarm. "This is freakin' bool=sheet!", he railed.

Yet~WE should watch our cooking more closely now that two

(2) women live among us. And^ othre machines in Our orbit.

The concierge completed a grand werk o'er the week=end:

installing an high efficiency Warsher on the sun=room AND

finishing the ceiling of the showery AND waxing the first floor

linoleum® AND cleaning out His basement. [he speckt me on

the use of the Warsher by paying for a load And proddled me

to teach the othres how to use it well] It was a long walk to

meet with the MORAVIANS for the Peace and Justice service,

but they All love me much when i am abiding with Them.

Saterdé was bittre [cold] on the Yard, but sister KAY warmd

me with her fonecall about going to FLORIDA! She's folloing

the Mack Rule while MAISY & BABALOO are not [Ireland? In

February?]. i apologise every Year for missing BABALOO's

birthiversary, which falls between certain Memorials and the

Happy Happy Joy Joy of the COLONEL on grundsau Day.

{i don't xpect LOO faults us Forgetting His elderlyness}

Amorro, i will guard the Yard, awaiting waning Wintre and

schweeping away an inch of Schnay; Thor'sDé, i'll pay back

the METHODISTS the repasts which i had from LUTHERANS.

It's all the same boat of fisheringfolk henceforth...

~semiHibernal slac~


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