Friday, January 15, 2010


Title: Fortunes of the Faint and Feigning

Feeling: empathy, within and without

dreme: of mail coming to the old=haus...with cat & kids

Fulfillment of dreme: cat's haus has become a mail=drop

for me much as the good Apartment had been for the Turtle

Videre: spits & spots of othre peoples' crasy screens

Listening: birdsongs during a rare thaw, footsteps...

Weathre: bitterly cold but gradually rising

Soop: ham-bean and potato avec parsley and garlic

Puxxles: SuDoKu is not as uninteresting as i first Believed,

altho they are progressifly more difficult as the week wears

Text: Sunday, January 10th, Twenty=Ten...there is plenty of

Holy Water to go around. Oh! Today is the special day when

WE remember the Matriarch [Hane] coming into the werld

even though she also left it behind a scant Eighty years and

six days after. {She slept mercifully on either side of Each}

Come to find, Roomy#5 shares the same birthiversary! Yet

he is well and truly in the middle of the suffering sojourn...

And, as a certified BUDDHIST, i continue to Act rightly in

guidance toward each and every Path. Thot rightly too.

Thursday, January 14th, 20-10...On Sunday night, the

concierge filled his Hotel by lending the fourth unit to a woman

from the islands. As much as i've seen her thusfar, she is very

lovely. Tuesday morning was the rescheduled filling of the

Methodist food pantry. {DAVE said,"Pastor won't allow us to

restock during nice weather."} i also managed to consume a

goodly amount of my Soop, yet could not convince my boys

to sample it. Their loss--as it's one of my best Efforts.

Wednesdé morning, afore werk, i caught a glimpse of LUIS

in his delivery=van; he was the quiet & stealthy Tenant of the

fifth apartment prior to the current one. This^ happened in

the parking lot of my ever favourite grox schtore which still

and always operates in the midst of my three (3) dwellings.

{the Universe assuredly has such nodes and nexi} There was

much to MEMORIALISE this week: from the passings of

the veep's mother and MIEP GIES, who held onto that small

book that Anne Frank the many thousands who've

perisht Or are perishing in the nation of Haiti. As ever, i put

the scant power of my prayers toward healing and rescue.

Concluding thots: "You meet the nicest people, when you have

the Need of them." "You become the nice enough person, when

you Serve the needful ones because You remembre meeting their

counterparts." "One can do good by being good, which is alright,

Or One can become good by doing good things, which is a slightly

bettre Way to arrife at the same place." Another mile of Names

added on...and fervent smooches for all ~slack

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