Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Saterdé, Father XMAS rode up to the municiple building on his

laddertruck while a gentle schnay fell upon the cold, dark

Parish. {i can't remembre it ever schnowing this good for him

in Years past; it was magical} Joy! Now~as for this economy,

i am not overly concerned of it ['tho it has been made grandly

Horrible] acause i can see to sense a corner=turn. My own hours

will increase toward the inauguration & into the year. Othre

blessings shall come to those who hold tight and pay or save

with actual money. It's a new model. ^reposited of 12.9.8^

Sunday, December 13th, °9...last Friday i tried to meet the

President of the United States, but i went about it all wrong!

Instead of bussing out early to the community college only to

see his Motorcade three (3) times--i shoulda woulda coulda

done my regular replenishment of the methodist food=pantry

and wandered down to the diner where i have held no less than

two (2) blogger CONFLUENCES. Bettre schtill, i mighta gone

randomly bussing that afternoon toward the career centre and

have had met Mister Obama while seeking=job on Computre.

{Hescha! why didn't i go to the Aerport to watch him land?}

Anothre dé...yet i would not have traded the Aventure i had.

Anointed Mercies! Is this again already the third Son=Day in

Advent? And the schtart of the Maccabean miracle of Oil?

i spent the middle of my morning with the moravians learning

about the tradition of Kristingle [it's a tree or bush festooned

with various colourful fruits and candied gum=drops signifying

the multitudionous host of peoples living on Earth]. i so enjoy

living among people [former neighbour WAYNE drove me onto

my present environs]. One can learn to live Lovingly while

residing in a bünkhaus, learn to cook caringly in a cojoined

cuchina chuck=wagon AND walk in the Way of pleasant pleas

by schtepping into Temple during the High season. Happy!

No wondre the candles have lasted so long...it's dark and

dreary [cold, wet and rainy here as well] But the Hope of hope

keeps re=arriving year upon year! Immaculate, Illuminant,

Imanuel. ~kringly~slac~

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