Monday, November 23, 2009


Mondé, November 10th, 2008°8...

it's dark and sometimes cold on the

Parish Yard around closing. Good

for the night vision & the layering!

Of all=the=else~i am once again

behind myself. {the migraxn to--

here--had something to do with it}

i hope & pray that my good friends

'from' Glow=land will schtumble onto

this^ page and reconnect with me

by all means efficacious. i spect

there will be much RECONNECTING

across the new neighbourhood &

that's a good thing. Feel Free...

my elderly Glow & my infant Glow

are schtill and ever "open format".

[it's a rare thing for slac to delete

well=placed Comments.]

Friday, November 20, 2009...What a week! What a month! What a

Life! i could not dare to catch myself with ten fingres of all the stuf

that has happened. Be that as it may and what have You, irregardless

and apropos of Nothing...[cream of staunchisness]. i believe i will

report back=wise of recent memory until i hit a schticking Point.

i went on a recycle walk, depositing all those paperboards which

accrue from hausmates cooking Frozen Dinners. i rode the bus from

outer points toward central points, taking a little cash from the Union

and munching samples at the Market. i added an hour and ninety-six

days to my portable fone by purchasing a card at Cat's farmacy...

'Tween Eleven and Noon, i faerly ran into my favourite brit Widow

and catcht our=selves up on common Circumstances. 'Tween Ten

and Eleven, i helpt the methodists restock their food pantry; We

offloaded 1,680 pounds of BANANAS, among the else of such.

{Pastor Jim said a funny thing: "Question, who drinks pear juice?

Answer, A Loser." He was just joshing} For break=fast i served my

self a fried egg sandwich on pumpernickel bread with a third Moka.

Warsht my haer and body, turning on the water afore i entered.

From 845 to 707, i prayed the Litany with the Pastor and his wife,

as well as the couple who abut the Tent of was a near

thing not to miss the rising Morning happyness. Late to rise on Six.

Thersday, i defrosted my fridge. Joy! In the morning, Roomy #2 and

i had to see off Roomy #1 [the Sargeant-at-Arms, front-man] as he

flew off to the islands [one Gulf island] for a much needed break.

He acted like the proverbial decapitated pollo and sent me to score

a replacement fone=charger before the van came. ("Beel! I can't be

without my Phone!') Kind of an exciting morning, near comical.

Wednesday, in the ordre it happened: After breakfast, Roomy #2

and i rode the H=bus toward town. i had recently told him that it

schtruck me strange that for months now We have ridden the public

Conveyances without running into each other. Mirabile dictu!


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sunflowerkat321 said...

This friend has just stumbled in. I am trying to return to the blogging world after my long haitus. You are someone I do not want to lose.

Hugs and smooches...Kat