Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am only a Cloud of the mist of the Vapour which

obscures the Mountain...etcetera

Love 2 Love the werld ~slac~

Happy Labour Day and batten down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within the Eye. ~cloudyslac~

HOW TO BEGIN, as a kontinuation...of kind Labours

«Boo! Keep passing by my house.» --Roomy #1

Is it a rooming=haus OR a boarding=haus? The room

itself is One of the smallest i've known, tight and cozy.

i do not own any of the 'furnishings' in it. Overmore, it

can't be called room and board iffen there ain't no Table.

There is all the food held in Common, shared, disperst &

up eaten by the Residents under their chins wherever

they [WE] sit or schtand. {my very last kitchen table was

an horrible thing, snatcht by one of the engineer's Class

fambly membres while we rooted me out of the Oakhaus}

i know~the Place is a comfortable & Affordable hostel, an

Address to travel toward and fromwise on the life=path.

Because, it isn't where You live, but how You live...

Tuesday, September Seventh, 2o1o...Part Two opens:

August 26: There was no bread for me at the soop kitchen.

August 27: i met the new #2 man who is actually named after

a city!? Do i thus profesy? He is younger some and pale.

August 28: Almost left my gifted rüchsack at the gas station;

an elderly couple brot me a bag=lunch of PB&J with else.

August 29: After cherch, my Presbyterian surrogate father

gave me three (3) passes to the town Faer.

August 30: Acause i also wheeled downtown to my Credit Union,

the byke numbres were thus: 8.62 miles in 1:12:24 (one hour &

thirteen minutes) at a good 7.67MPH average, 17.99MPH max.

The day of werk was light but filling, including a coupla Visits by

my friend, SHARON, the delightful MORAVIAN. Tarps! And there

was Xcessif heat upon the Yard, but who will remembre it?

August 31: It was the out-moving of the INDIANA kid and MIAMI

was entertaining one (1) of his girls...i thus went to the dollar

schtore for glass Tumblers on account of she could not resign

her=self to drink out of plastic pint containers which pass

for MIAMI's coffe=milk. {i wouldn't beverate outta them either

for the fact that HANE used to piddle into samesuch} It is my

honour to help MIAMI even with the purchase of potatoes. HE

is the Protector of the Porch, as all. *TATCWP*

Septembre begins and i shall surely up=catch it in the resolve

of Part Two^^ ~tolerable~slac~

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