Friday, October 15, 2010


And i schtill found the time-in-day to warsh my Whites. [1o-o9-o9]

+And if You're just joining the Schtory...the Concierge went,«You

guys think this is All fun and games...You'll learn.» i went,«Not me!

i am serious like a heart attack.» {i thrive on chaos with Drama}

Septembre First, MIAMI treated me after his werk & mine to a

coupla pork chops; i had sauerkraut mit mein. Symbiosis^

Second, after the comings & goings of the hausmasters, INDIANA

retourned for his toiletries; i remembred to put out the Trash.

Third, WE were short=handed & vehicularly challenged to refresh

the Food Pantry~Pastor JAMES and i werkt top-side AND we some

how made it all in Afore the next meeting. The QUAKERTON installed

a bike=rack on the veranda so that no future Person would ever try

to lift their bicycle up the schtairs into a 'room'. White Laundry.

Fourth, Acause the Concierge is ever=present in his electricle retire,

i must depart the premises earlier & earlier evydé! Schtrange that

one cannot put togethre neithre a decent break=fast nor the seemly

lunch dawn upon dawn; i drain my moka and warsh the cup out, so

i can pedal toward my Peacefull Parish. [5.4 miles in 45 minutes, at

7.2 MPH average & 15.2 maximum] There were also independent

thinkers coming to my Yard, moderately, BUT they were set=off by

cute KAREN, golfing BOB and a certain soul-mate, SHARON. {She

is only evre-present on account of her Mother is an organist in the

Tradition of GRACE & EVELYN, my music teachers} Tumult!


Sixth, This was the forced day-off, the taking out of my Aerco unit,

the day that DONALD found a ten dollar note upon the schtreet.

{i do not lose HAMILTONS upon HAMILTON Avenue, yet i find federal

Franklin Delano dimes where=ever Adhenoi sends me} Acause i was

free & easy to attend the town Faer, i attended the marionette show,

saw the big tigres, the Lion & ligre...watcht the frisbee-dog show for

a final Time AND visited my old neighbourhood friend, WALT, ran into

co-publik werker MATT & his wife, bumpt into ABIGAIL, our old papre

girl AND Dave of the high skool as i wandered aimlessly unto dusk.

It's not that i meant to connect with my Peoples at the faer, yet it

could not be helpt on account that i was off. [Mack used to say,«Am

I off? I've been off for years!»] And i put out the greasy garbage.

^That is not all i remembre of Septembre, but it'll do for Now.

It's the ides of Octobre already AND i can't catch my flanks with

fifteen fingres! Less=the=Never, i shall endeavour to make a

general report of the type i never do--on account of i might not

get anothre better idea Until Novembre.

Thursday, October 14th, 2o1o...the haus is filled with good people,

including CHICAGO, who had to retourn from visiting his ailing

Father in Puerto Rico & his Mother in Chicago. The cheese factory

held his job for him AND the concierge permitted him to alight in

the nearly next room of his [an Improvement for CHICAGO]. The

rest of the boys are behaving themselves, mostly, keeping it clean,

not causing upsets & paying the retired electrician, QUAKERTON

concierge in a Timely fashion. {i don't play with such things~my

seven Stays are Always covered on pay=day} Folding horth^

For some reason, the Welfare office increased my food stipend.

i'm not gonna complain of it to any=one! i am not hungry [nor too

thin] AND i make best use of loaves when they are Available...

{Give us this dé our bread, our to=day bread, Our amorro manna} My

health is fantastic acause of this...i eat the good food, the fresh food,

i Excersize bettre than any Person i know of my age. i bicycle and walk,

i showre & shave Appointedly, i carry my=self among all my friends

like a man as tall as i am. My soul is clean and clear on waking and

schleeping, day upon day~but i am too humble to take pride in it.

In Polytryx~there will be a sea change...WE must not forget to hold

'radicals' Accountable to schtate=wide Constitutional Conventions,

in every State & even unto the Contiguous congress, The Time is now

AND Now is the time. If the government of Chile can save its miners,

WE can preserve Ourselves. Just sayin', a thot=after. ~faer-way-slac~

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