Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Presently, i pause to schlice bread And guard my hacienda.

Sunday, 31 October, 2004...Power Interruption!

Must be a new day all=to. Had to reset my TVs by

and by, uncorrected clocks none-with-standing.

[TVs: those hunky dark boxes that werk way better

than this one.] Would that FOX might broadcast The

Simpsons schcary episode anight instead of a month

after Columbus Day. The balls get longer & longer.

Armistice dé, two=thousand Seven...we celebrate the End of

the War to 'End all Wars'. Which was a prelude to the Great

War. {is there irony in nomenclature?} Which was folloed by

a Cold War! it schtaggers the mere mind of a son of a Navy

Veteran...i'm the unfortunate batard who somehow didn't

even have to go to the POST OFFICE and sign up for selective

service. Yet, i am grateful to live in a relatifly free Nation

which is currently under its own 'limited' state of emergency.

11/12/2o-1o, i bundled up & took the flatted, fearful byke

AND all my sundries in pocket & pack to the bus-stop at the

corner of the 12th Avenue cemetery. But~i forgot the ring of

keys which holds my Parish gatekey?! No matter, i went thru

the office of the Parish werx and borroed an original. i haf

no trouble closing those locks at dusk; i'm forever carrying

the Key i need to Open. [the byke i put in the shared storage

unit, pro tempore.] 'Twas a light dé 'pon the Yard, yet JOHN

brot me espresso hard candies. HE is thinking of lending me

a mountain byke to ease the Wintre commute. (*Blessing?*)

There i was at the schtop on the highwé across from the Gas

Schtation under windy cool low-hanging clouds...Suddenly, i

amembered that the W bus only schtops there at 4:35 & 6:35 PM,

respectifly!? i turned my tail [and whited schneaks] Toward

the Correct catch=bus, a two mile walk and jog to the grox

schtore. Just made the J last into Town, near a semblance of

Homeness. {i haven't got used to the new Hours of the fine

regular Days!} At least i warmed up by moving so rapidly.

TITLE: Transient Transcendental Transformationalism

TEMP: it's moderate for Novembre, even pleasant

MOOD: Happy in darkness & light, Anticipatory all=ways

PUXXLE: i am making many mistakes on the hard sudokus

WIDEO: Amber Tamblyn on House, i love her from afar...

GROX: rosbif & provolone, celery & cuke for salad

HAER: fear the beard, it is old and unruly, seasonal

THOT: «People tend to ask me for direxions

because i seem to be a determinist; i have

not caught the shiftless shuffle nor the

languid lope of the completely Lost.»

XTRA THOTS:«Three things impel a cyclist: Defensifness,

Assertifness AND Intentionality.» and «It's hard

werk to be the chaplain of a Prison-Haus.»

TEXT: Tuesday, Novembre 16th, 2o1o...MIAMI is on the move.

But HE wiln't be far away--he's taking up the second floor

of the next haus on the alley. It is much more spacious

AND he gets his own kitchen AND shunky [with bathtub].

It's definitely a Positif schtep for him. Meantime, the

first unit of this stalag becomes available to members of

the current Fraternity. WHO should take it? i could make

my move from gamma=dog to Guardian with Blessings from

the Concierge. CHICAGO could transition cleanly closer to

the Lanai with incremental new Responsibility; AKRON of

Unit Two might opt for greater coziness matcht by less

finestral Solar brightness. (The occupant of Unit Five is

not a contender; HE is newest and Probational.) Time is

short & there oughta be a meeting of the minds! Of gourse,

Our Quakerton benefactor could also simply Advertise the

first floor to A greater new Person all=to. *iPondre*

Mercifull Mothre! it's getting quite hard to upcatch my

own=self on what's Happening! i haf been Serving extra

hours on the cleaning crew with MONICA & CATHY both...on

account of MONICA has half retired from Her great calling.

{Someone has to tidy up the Prison cells & the Conference

rooms} That is: i am cross=trained to Good usage for the

minor majority of Parish people. Whenever there's a patch

of extra Cabeej, i'll take hold of it; my whole fangdambly

Taught me that much. [yet~it only goes that far Again^.]

The werld is turning on a dime and on a worm...i had

forgotten how schlow the buses Are compared to byking...

My fone=cell needs a feet require warm and

anti=wet Boots for the coming Season...i should grade=up

my Schpectacles toward Schporty bifocalism [i only need

Glasses to see Disdainfully, Distantly] And~WHAT will i

get MILEY for her Eighteenth birfdé??! These are much for

a Progressifly positif person...Him whom CATHY called,

"Refreshing", on a recent JEEP© ride 'home'. ~slac~

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