Friday, January 14, 2011


One thing or anothre~i prefer the good news.

~cold=snap surviving~slac~

Thursday, January 13th, 20-11...i am behind of the passing of

last year AND none too joyfull of the onset of the Current one.

It is the fault of the werld, not the Author. Aday, i attempt to

synopsise the cusp of them each...the HolyDays which bleed

into the Hunkering Days [it is very cold in the Walley].

Captain Beefheart passes...Sunday the 19th of Decembre, i

managed after the Methodistry to grab up my packages from

MAISY at CAT's manor. BLADE & JACK were scarcely awake

that early afternoon but they were Polite gentlemen. Monday,

at werk, JIM avised me,"The Methodist cherch? I think I was

married there!" One of my regular customers brot me cookies

and coal=candy that day [the first of many cooky packets].

Tuesday [the 21st], i ran the vacuum, recycled by walking,

warshed my sheets & jeans AND entertained AKRON when

he came home to the Schtalag--normal off=day busyness.

A few days passed~On Birthing Eve day, i did the litany with

my Presby friends & attended the Moravian 4:30 LoveFeast

candle vigil. There was unitas fratrum in the coffee & cake,

more Especially in the Lighting of so many tapers at close.

The funny thing about Christmas, this Year, was i didn't

attend any Services!? Sure, i ate a fine luncheon with Pastor

STONE, his three girls and four (4) othre guests...took home

the gifts of fresh fruit for the haushold...drank iced tea with

my brothre [he had a shake] and ROCKY and JACK; they ate

a fair two plates while the Brothers palavered and kibbutzed.

{i was joining the Turtle in scant non=theism when he noted

that there were too many good Xmas songs} Thus it was a

celebration of something, with these, Yet not an overt denial

of that which i know to believe OR believe to know...

The Yard is hard in Winter. The customers are few and far long

coming AND the Publick werkers have to take care that my

shack doesn't succumb to the coldness. Of myself, i keep warm

in my boof and Proffer a thread of continual Recyclingness.

Wednesday, the 29th of Decembre was like that. ROSE gave me

the papres of the day, the publick werkers brot some fallen

branches, CHICAGO called my fone to ask after laundry=soap,

and STOSH & LINDA brang me anothre tinful of cookies. The

bus took me to and from, regularly, as buses often do.

By some account, i am making more Time & Money than i

ought. Thursday was thus, when i vacuumed the AdminBuild

with KATHY. i am there when an increase of Fortune is merited.

OR when Merit is Fortuitous! Acause~New Year's Day was an

unpaid HolyDay which i thoroughly enjoyed in the presence

of CAT and Her invited guests--WE were nine (9) at table with

traditional victuals and Fine Fellowship. The Turtle came again

to see us all, to gathre His own gifted cookies and to ferry me

back to the tiny row=haus on Thirteenth (13th) Avenue...

Which, of it=self, came to be in tumult! --part one--

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