Friday, January 16, 2009


And yet, and yet. The cold bears
down and the schnow is coming.
Days to accomplish, nights to rest~
What else is there?

"The souls of the just are in the

hand of God, and no torment

shall touch them..."

It was a cold & snowy day. Dan &

Eva & Janice drove me to the plot.

She was lowered by two very nice Hispanic and one

Bosnian. I was glad to meet them.

^reposited from and5^

The engineer and i just barrel=aced thru Pennsy

from WEST to EAST today. I, for my part, drove

thru four (4) tunnels! WE spent this past week=end

with our KENTUCKY cousins; and just afore that,

WE visited Ron & Alan in CAROLINA...and toured

anothre famous author's home. It was a long

circuit, this southern sojourn of the second sons,

but Glorious and Wonderful all=to. I'll write more

about it as i complace myself of the epic retourn.

PRAY, dear friends, for CAT's patriarch who is

struggling mightily at the big hospital with many

ailments. WE love him so... [1-23-°7]

Bueño Dìaz de Los Padres, evybody! Dads

are wonderful to have around the House,

Xpecially iffen they Paid for it. [the Haus]

My Pop continues to molecularly reassemble

betwixt the STRAITS OF HORMUZ and the

AMAZON DELTA...with scant atomic visits

land=wise thru evaporation & condensation.

But i know Xactly where the old Salt's bride

is Reclining...i'll see 'em bof in rapture.

^six months ago, in jernal=land^

Thursday, January 15th, °9...modern=day:

this month, afore the fantasticle inauguration,

i am in the mind of memories. G knows who

we are, and if we remember Ours AND G

remembers us...then all will come right in

the after=here. It's a pleasurable thot!

The shepherd boy DAVID wrote all about it.

Of his twenty=third psong, i am apt to

condense: "...I shall never want...I fear

nothing...My cup is over=filled...I will live

in that house for All my Days." The King

and throne thing would come much later...

Friday, January 16th, zed9...sometimes you

land on the run=way, sometimes you ditch in

the Hudson and all hands are Saved. This was

a New Year, New York miracle and a brightshine

of good news in a season of bad news coverage.

There was anothre pilot recently who crasht a

perfectly fine small jet for his own bad Purpose.

Perhaps he had been reading too much recently

of all the Financial bail=outs & decided to stage

a real and personal bail=out of his own. It was

a small mistake to get caught trying to do it!

BERNIE MADOFF should only have it so rough.

One thing or anothre~i prefer the good news.

~cold=snap surviving~slac~

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