Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tuèsdé, January 20th, +9...

i shall fondly regret, someday, that i did

not join three million (3,000,000) people

in the cold capital for the Installation of

the fo'ty=fo'th President. But i can tell

all my friends that i had the ring=side seat

via that tele=video thang. Thanx, C-Span.

i was very happy to see my Acquaintances upon

that dais...Jimmy Carter & Joan Mondale,

whose hands i have shaken, and Bill Clinton

who spoke for his wife this past Year at a

local college. {they must be Americans 'cos

they schtill Love to live here} *choke*

As for the remainder of the GATHERINGness,

i join in their Joy of the wondrous moment.

They is my bruddas & sistas, all one percent

of them...witnessing dreamlike History.

Amorro will be Bright i am certain, after

the gracious Partay. Peaceful transition,

and VOTE in the next elect~slac~

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