Monday, January 26, 2009


Monday, January 26th, °°9...

MAISY had the good plan to come and

visit the Walley with her hubby on

the weekend of ROBBIE BURN's birfdé,

and, for the most part, the plan did

not go agley. There was a meeting of

Camp Counselors at the downtown brewery

Saterdé night...but they also got to

see plenty of me and the CAT fambly.

MAISY and her man took me out to Our

favourite nearby schteakhaus Friday

[yes~i had the schteak] AND to brunch

at Our best GREEK diner down=the=hill

on Sundé. They took CAT and the kids to

lunch at a long=time fambly café on

Saterdé, while i was werking. [yes~it's

been chilly in the boof.] All=in=all

a perfectly nice Confluence to upcatch

on evything in a brief week=end! Am i

writing in complete sentences? Maybe.

Oh! And they retourned Home by way of

MAISY's native city, where she first

met her husband as a teenager. (18,

and not at all far back in Memory!)

The ENGINEER is setlling into werk in

HOUSTON with his best bud from ATLANTA.

It's warmer there, i am sure, and my

brudda is probly Ecstatic of that.

{i neglected to write about the coyote

we saw while he was so recently here}

Who else had haggis 'cos i didn't...

~half=scot slac~

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You're so silly!