Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday, January 30th, +9...

Where does the continuum go? There's

gonna be some kinda big game on SunDay

already again once. i may watch it in

bits & pieces Acause the PRESIDENT is

a schteelers fan. Mondé will mark a firm

hash=mark for the Colonel; it's a numbre

of decades between two (2) and nineteen

(19) which he's been gracing the Earth.

{somewhere in the OT it is said,"The day

of a person's birth is not notable, but

the day of their demise is of report."}

The PATRIARCH=in=law [babaloo] had his

celebration Yesterdé i owe him a

Happy Happy message. id est, i shoulda

coulda woulda oughten to have done some

thing Nice for him while he was Visiting

just last week=end! He'll forgif me of

it anaconda i am an embryonic up=schtart

AND he, like the Colonel, is a Pillar of

the Fambly. {Mothers form us into Hearts

and souls; Dads fill in the bones & guts}

What? me? parentheticle? Parish the thot.

PUNXSATAWNEY! i need a check=spell even

for that werd, and i was AT the Liberry

even to=day. ~muchly-dutchly~slac~

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slac said...

Amazingness! The key=schtone Team pulled it out...there be Champions within Pennsy. ~author~