Monday, February 9, 2009


Sunday, February 8th,°9...
Well, that was quite the toe=tappin'
touchdown last week, wasn't it? It
was the only play i really saw. But
it made us Champions yet again. The
latest cold snap has abated; it was
nearly temperate today as i made a
long circuit south of my hill. A few
people came through the Park as i was
there...the old neighbourhood looks
much the same. [when was i last there?
November maybe?] And altho the snow
and ice are melting & sublimating, it
is a muddy mess underfoot where the
earth is AND the paved parts are salty
and gritty and grey. Six more weeks!

Mondé, February Ninth,°9...

in the self=same

week in which i met a quorum

of cats on the way home from werk, the

schnay has nearly completely vanisht.

The berds are much Happy of the warmth.

{the sun=shine is more heartening than

the ambient temperature.} Meanwhile, i

am much Agrieved of the summer suffers

in AUSTRALIA. Nature can be cruel and

heartless to her inhabiteurs. i Pray

it gets no worse down=under. ~slac~

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