Thursday, February 12, 2009


Abraham Lincoln's 200th birfdé...

the Great Emancipator & Preserver of

the UNION woulda been two hundred years

old Aday. But he woulda been more noted

for walkin' around with a derringer ball

in his cranium. {i do not make light of

such things, having visited the GARFIELD

haus in Ohio & recently, Ford's theatre}

Modern Economyx: the next stimulus can't

come too soon for me...i wasted the one

from GEORGE [also a Suspender of habeus

corpus] on Necessaries!?! Over=more, i

werk at a job with two (2) shovels and

it's a Green Job to boot. Steel=toed.

Acause i woulda coulda shoulda clasped

a situation in Life more akin to the

robber=barons of Industry, i empathise

completely with the lady who just made

eight (8) babies. Them is the future.

Barack will have a fine time setting the

balances right and the pendulæ motioning

toward centre. [some can only Rise.]

Weathre: it's a fierce Wind which is fixt

from the Heavens on the eastwise land,

after destroying too much & too many in

the SOONER STATE. Perhaps the breath of

Jah has poured out upon us to correct our

strides forward. What i know is that the

berds don't favour Flying against it!

{in a few dés, there will be crocuses

peeking out for the Sparrows & Squirls

to dine on} Buddhists have the tendency

to let aer pass thru 'em... *whoosh*

Amor: Saterdé will be the feast of that

Saint who perisht in a flail of Arrows.

In his Remembrance, i will hold my candy

chocolates from each of my Sisters TO

each & all my mistresses & girl=friends.

i bet the Mail is good on that Day...


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