Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Aday, a fool on fool's Errands.

Amorro, a collector of brambles.

Thereyago & TwasEverThus

The Hour is not lost on me.

i can fix it all, remotely, at the shack.

{Technology is wonderful, until it fails}

Meanwhile, i am well back at my chosen werk

and being schlammed with all the yard debris

which came down in the wintre winds; i prefer

a busy parish=yard to a slow starting Season!

Fridayish, in the Epochal millennium^>

Frydé, April 3rd, +9...

TITLE: Weary yet Wondrous Walking

TEMP: 54°, grey and rainy [things'll grow]

MOOD: bright for one so beset of Concern

PUXXLE: march 1st~100%, completed on Yard

PRESSURE: 96/66 pulsing 82

MUSIK: NPR & 70's at werk, ishpod walking

NOISE: warsher/dryer, berds in the Rain

WIDEO: that er finale, sappy but good

GROX: eggs, 2% milk, olive=oil mayonnaise,

bread, boiled ham & unsalted potato chips

HAER: cut this morning for the Season

THOT: «Give slac 100,000 dollars and he can

Settle it out to the tenth of a Penny; but, lend

him a Fifty and he's apt to waste it frivolously

on food and medicine.»

TEXT: yes, it has been a rough month or so

of Accounting errors, BUT i have recently, gleefully,

sliced up two (2) of my debit cards. {They are never

as good as walking into the banque and schpeaking with a

beauteous Telleress} Plastic OR Papre? i am

Coming to the late, lamentable Conclusion

that printed money is way far bettre than

schwiping a magnetised strip into the Ether

of electronicle mayhem! Too soon old, too

late schmart. Altho~germ=ridden notes do

tend to make for a lumpy mattress...

Yesterdé, i submitted an Application for

extra werk & surfed the Intraweb at the

Town library [they^ have the fasterer

connection than what i normally use.] One

of my customers actually werx in that self

same edifice to CARNEGIE, but this^ was the

first Time i saw him there. Aday, i ran into

BRIAN at the recently refueled gas station

AND anothre Client in the market. He told me

to look for him on the coming day. These^

are such ones who Fare=me=Well...

Happy Holy=Days from the slac^

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