Friday, April 24, 2009


TITLE: «Good folloes Good»

TEMP: 50s & 60s, variable

MOOD: cheerfully Inquisitif

MUSIK: elvis [costello] on ishpod

NOISE: many b'ful berd=songs


PRESSURE: 104/74p88

MOTION: uptown, Visiting the Welfare

office...Lunch at the cherch [ham, beans

& potatoes, roll, bluberry cake, cold tea]

Filing the Assistance form at the library.

SOOP: lingering broffy chicken

THOT: «We would hardly notice anything,

provided We were ahead of our=selves; it

is the One who has fallen back who sees

Life in its roughest, remarkable form.»

TEXT: the MOTION took place on Tuesday.

i can't believe it's Friday, already.

Less=the=None~the sun is Shining, berds

are Singing, children are Playing, the

Flowres & Trees are blissfully blooming

AND i am schtill a little gefutzled of

the Life i lead. {who wants to get this

old this fast with hardly a scoche of

Wisdom to show?} Never mind~i am both

Advocated & advocatable, presently, with

many Blessings coming at me in Surprise!

Twas ever Thus all=to~the recession must

be ending. Clean & green, i move toward

werk & wondrements...until Marvelous

Mondé. ~faringWell~slac~

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