Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Tuèsdé, Avril 28th, +9...

Every=where, i run haphazardly into

my Clients. Such as Saterdé, when i

scored a free kraut=dog at the service

station where the GREEN GHOST received

her walking papres. i did promise to

talk up the weiner=van at werk AND to

pay for my next gustatory Indulgence.

[WE had the same things happen during

the bingo days; one couldn't schtride

the Appalachian Trail without bumping

into a gambler.] It was hot on the Yard,

busy but not crasy, turning away the

fresh=cut grass...GARY brang me a cold

bottle of brewed tea [i never Drink the

hot schtuff] and the Big Dipper shone

bright in the twilight as i walkt into

Town with jazz on kay's ish=pod.

Sundé, i toppt off my long=suffering

chicken soop with garlic, red onion &

medial Egg noodles. Not my best effort.

Then i kinda watcht bof the TVLAND show

and the finale of SOPRANOs. *out=black*

Wednèzdé, April 29th, °9...This was most

certainly a week for me! Shortly after i

opened the Parish Yard on Monday, the

'White Franciscan' walkt with a friend

to the picnic table betwixt the Liberry

and my boof. {This fine gentleman travels

the eastern parts of PENNSY in a white

robe & sandals, resembling with haer and

beard, Rebbe YESHUA; but he is a classical

Tauist...not a Taoist nor Maoist} He

lingered for a while with his text and

teaching [of his female student], but i

did not get the opportunity to meet him.

It was a moderate day of trimmings for

me AND skool=teacher NANCY was kind enuf

to lift me Home. Tuesdé: Vitamins! Aspirin!

Celery & Pretzles! i found time later in

the eve to marinate a new schplit chicken.

Aday~i barely misst a fone=call from the

Travelling Turtle, on account of i was

cooking my break=fast of a fried egg with

beef gravied grits. {of all=the=else, no

one can Say i don't feed my natural self}

Night=Light bulbs! These i scored afore i

boarded the college crowded bus to werk.

i haf the Xcellent nightvision but i like

to see Around my confines in the middle of

later Darknesses; small Blessings for a

tiny man in a tight habilement. *plug*

The yard was well attended for a Wezné,

yet i mangaged to keep up with the news on

the radidio about ARLEN changing, abruptly,

his Party affiliations. I'm pretty sure i

voted for him to be President, once. Less

the Never~i'll probly vote for him again

one of these days Acause he is one of the

principled ones in the Senate. *opinion*

As the dim settled on the Parish i serve,

my friend AND cleaning Companion MONICA

offered me a run into Town; it woulda been

simply unnatural for me to turn down the

chance to up=catch with her on the werld

and its wiles! In a '92 pick=up, no less.

Amorro~i'll take a hot showre and Conquer

the remainder of Life which presents.


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