Wednesday, May 13, 2009


TITLE: «Feast of Love»

WEATHRE: breexy, sunny

MOOD: Helplessly Hopeful

MUSIK: the songs and sounds of

children, their bright voices

SOOP: finely formed, with noodles

THOT: «It's a fine thing that i werk

from a situation toward a purpose,

acause i am blesst and able.»

TEXT: Amorning, Mothers' Day, i

cleaned my=self up, ate my gravied

grits and walkt into anothre cherch.

It was my former neighbour, WAYNE,

who knew me to see me. The Pastoress

herself greeted me warmly as i was

catching up with my neighbour; the

choir contained my client/friend

SHARON who also startled to see me.

{it isn't strange that i am foreknown

in Places of Worship, but that i get

there in the opening Time} This was

the Day i made with G & J...simply

from the force of travelling where

the Spirit leads. Praise & thanx be.

Tuèsdé, May 12th, °9...yesterday, i

werkt the Parish yard abof & beyond

the call of Duty--with the Possible

exception of having to turn away all

the persons who schtill believe they

can bring fresh cut Grass to the

facility. GARY was good to come and

tell me that he's gonna bring me yet

anothre home=cookt meal from VICKIE

when the Time allows. [He knows that

i am schtaying the extra hours.] Also,

MONICA was kind to fetch me homewise

after her cleaning werk; she taught me

evything i know about schweeping carpets.

{All the werkers are worthy of their

wage} Overmore~the sun was yet Out when

we travelled. Aday, i walkt back into

the centre of town for Lunch at the

cherch...Sausage Noodles with salad,

a plain fastnacht, two milky coffees

AND chocolate ice creme with whippt

dreme. I actually go there for the

Fine FELLOWSHIP, the prayer, and the

Giving Graces--i have an unnatural Averse

for the "clinged peaches". Sustain!

MY people also do as i do, going to the

Publik Liberry for simple comforts and

Relaxations on the brightness of the Day.

i chekt my e=mails & All my othre resources

while the carrels were filled with faster

Typists. There was a scratchy=throated man

ahind me, and a vocal bébé girl who made

the most wonderfull noises as WE conducted

Our inter=webbing. i made a great joke to

the Company of the effect,«Doesn't that

child Know that this is a Library?!»

The little ones were Designed for such a

good Day. She^ smiled me as i left...

i thoroughly enjoy filling out Employment

Apps under such conditions, acause ALL of

US are in the same=self leaky boat.

"Bread is good for the workers, and Wine

is an enlivener of the Spirit, BUT money

Provides an answer for everything."


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