Tuesday, June 2, 2009



Confabulation is a Good thing.


more Hopefull than defeated


a Spanisch ball=base game


i am so busy that i can't remembre if

and when i did a perfekt one! Sharpness of else?


i've put up a CHICKEN brof which schtill

requires noodles and potatoes for fullness

and like maybe onion and fresh celery, too

MEMORY: The tears will end...i shoulda made

mention of PAUL HARVEY & DOM DELUISE, but

there have been local losses as well, including my

customer=friend whose Property scthands betwixt

my parish Yard and the mosque, And the patriarch

of my Carolinian girl=friend...He^ was an esteemed

professor and Administrator in K=town. {i have

naturally been in close contact with the neighbourly

heirs and Assigns} Thank providence that YESHUA

conquered the whole messy business, though it is

schtill difficult to keep waiting for the Calling Day.


Thursdé was the day on which i met yet

anothre HANE at yet anothre Temp agency. She

conducted a fullsome interview of me all=to, and

i'm sure i aced the clerical Test of my Alphabetic &

Arithmetic skills. HANE read the top of my résumé

and Commented,"Oh--You work at the parish! How

do I dispose of [this item] which is lying around my

house?" Of gourse~i suggested the true Path...

Fridé, i commuted all the way to Bohemia and the

central arts district, altho NOT as far as the Casino!

{a Person riding the bus has Nothing left to wager

on schparkling frivolities} And tho i wanted to visit

the WIRED coffe=shop for longer than i was there,

i had to catch the G back to the resource centre.

(that Place where all the werk of werking is Done.)

i did my high=speed thing, i tweaked my Résumé

and copied it...i signed up with BOB for two (2)

more werkshop/seminars. And travelled westwise

on a bus so crowded with Husky schtudents, i thot

i was on a Japanese commuter train! The drifer

is named ELIZABETH, not STEPHANIE; i'm bettre

than this^ at Catching names in a crowd...

Saterdé on the Yard was a busy steady upfilling of

the roll=offs, but not crasy at all. Customer MIKE

was good and kind to ride me 'home' while he and

his son, CHRIS, were motivating elsewhere. i was

just walking by with my Ishpod tuned to a song of

my own composing?! It's a mitzvah. Aday~i ate my

grits and gravy And chercht my=self with the

Moravians on LIVINGSTON Avenue. White Robes!

The Pastoress had a full Pentacostal service of

Confirming two (2) acolytes AND handing out wafers

and grapejuice to the assembly. There musta been

like twenty (20) hymns in that doxology! The

paraclete came to Us all, as bright as was, including

my lovely bench=mate who took me for a Catlick

acause i offered her,"The Peace of J be with You."

Well=met~an adherent of the parish EGYPT.

After spirit, i ambled to the ART MUSEUM, to fill my

eyes with what my Soul had already Partook...the

security guard

schtoppt me briefly on my entry,

but i assured him that i needed the bubbler and

would join the ART ACADEMY ceremonies after i

upcaught on the peekage of Collections. {i have

that misplaced look where'er i transit; i oughta haf

telled him We were in the same exact Busyness.

He of the Safety of his building, me the Guard of

the Yard that recycles Locust branches into compost}

Tuèsdé--the trust clappt shut upon BLADE as many

of us were Celebrating his growth at an Italian café.

We were Cat & grandmama, sister, uncle and fambly


, eating mostly the Soops & Salads. {is there

a Mack which lives who does not crave greens?}

They were more than Good to have me along, when

i coulda caught my actual lunch in a cherch cellar!

The Lord of my life, a man of means, droppt in to

check me up just Now. WE, as friends, will come to

mutual Independence as the Summer rises [and i

fall into undeserved treasure]. The traveling Pater

of the eastern Province, that turtle/engineer who

goes where he whilst, is barreling Toward the town

of his own birth & setting his royal mind on Avancing

the mild Progresses all of us [his chi'dren] haf made.

Twas Ever Thus & These is the Conditions Prevalent.

LAODICEAN?! i schpell that werd in my dremes.

Comment early & often~slac~

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