Thursday, June 25, 2009


[a yobless recovery]...Sunday, June 14th,°9:

The picnic after Service was held in the cherch

basement on account of the grass was wet from

last night's rain. My SAUERKRAUT was a big hit.

{Congregants went,"What's a hot dog without sour

kraut?"} In the gorgeous afternoon, i wandered

onto the Ritz parking=lot to look at the muscle

cars and hot rods of the 'Cruizers'. At Seven

i retourned to GRESSER Park for the Flag Day


. The gentleman [JIM by name] who walks

around Town with a Maine Coon cat [PERSNICKETY

is his title] sat on the bench in front of me.

We schpoke togethre for quite awhile after the

Concert. {"Be kind to your web=footed friends,

for a Duck may=be somebody's mother"} All in

all, a perfect pledging dé. ^reposit^

Friday, June 19th, and9...

Monday, i walked uptown early to the SocSec

Administry. [Everywhere i go looking for werk,

they want two (2) identifiers.]

The office was crowded but i snagged the form.

I ran into a co=werker from bingo...and i also

dropped into the ART SKOOL and caught up with

my art professor/adviser from College.

At work, i foned my TEMP girls. My friend and

Customer, Pete, gladly agreed to be a reference

on my résumé...The Engineer picked me up after

werk and we had anothre deep confab at Dinner.

Tuesday, i delivered my Notice to the LandLord.

Later, the engineer and i observed on a room

visit to 15th Street that the HOTEL has

fallen far from its glory.

Wednesday morning, we saw a very small room

within a tract house South of here.

{Where is here??} The Yard was busy that

afternoon, but i did squeeze in some housing

related fone calls.

Thursday was productif and lucky...a room

near the library was Discovered.

For dinner, we attended an event called Taste Of The

Market at the farmers' market. There were plenty

of delicious free samples and it was well attended.

This [Friday] morning, The Engineer arose just before

me and gave BLADE yet another driving lesson; HE^ later

let me drive the

black beauty

all over the Walley on

our perfect mission to fetch me a Room.

i signed the required paperwork at Four.

TITLE: to upcatch a flat

MOOD: fillt with nervous energy

WEATHRE: rain, sun, rain...sticky warm

MUSIK: whatever my Instructor hums from his

remembered karaoke songlist

MEMORIAL: Ed McMahon, Farrah, Michael Jackson.

Teach me to go into motion while the werld is

like=wise. G & J will guard them to the rising.

THOT: it'll take me all of the move to catch up

to myself, but i remembre the same thing happening

just three (3) years ago.

TEXT: i'll haf to reset from having a bicycle...

and all the othre crud that's happened recently.


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