Friday, June 4, 2010


Post=Primary Posit...[edited from Previous]

An omnibus numbre of Democrats failt to endorse Arlen

Specter as their Senator. Or so the headline stated in a

Newspaper i don't buy. Such things ever happen in yearoff

Elexions. Isn't it far past the time WE called for a Convention

of the Constitution? In the Nation AND in the KeyStone?

{i voted for a great many losers, but i voted less=the=none}

TITLE: That Recycling Bicycling Bagman [with a nice a**]

MOOD: afflicted, assailed and insulted But never indicted.


DENNIS HOPPER, LENA HORNE...and many others

PRESSURE: 110/80 pulsing 99 [after biking to machine]

The field report: All the canines i meet are well=bred,

well cared for AND always Happy to meet me. There have been

screeching Cats in the morning, caterwauling as they do.

Yet~iffen WE play jungle=music into the early dawn, they

feel rutly embarassed and move on. Birds and bunnies...

Black Bags: we have an aschtounding lack of them, a non

Plethora of devices for disguising our wonderful Garbage.

The Concierege will breeze through Amorro to correct the

situation, i am nearly sure. He might could also install

the AerConditioning that CHICAGO needs much more than I.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2o1o...we join our schtory in Progress:

Whither went MAY? i used to journalise on a much more regular

basis; now, i cannot find the Time to check my filtered email

at the Liberry! i've kinda misst Mothers' Day, Memorial Day

[the liberry was closed that Saterdé & Mondé] and even BLADE's

birfdé on account of it. {i get the creeping feeling i'm just

gonna get behinder and behinder in a rotary fashion} The lord

of the manour was good and busy all week Putting the bunkhaus

in ordre for the Season & shewing that empty Room which has

become filled. The engineer also came for me the Sun=Day afore

Memory--WE launcht at Our greek diner, walkt the Flowre Park,

Snatcht up ROCKY at the Gresser Park, took in that Persian

film [i see a movie every two years whethre i need it or none]

AND got Our collectif hot dog king fix. His white sedan is a

grand improvement over the black one, thru no fault of me that

WE drofe black beauty through multiple schtates in And-Seven.

Anon~i do not know where the TURTLE travails; he picks up and

leafs in Momentous & Momentary terms! i navigate Whence...

Of the Global & Local polytryx, i scratch my head incredibly.

There are amazing disastres on every Peninsula, in every Gulf,

on every schtretch of Earth that has been graced from on High

AND the children are forever fighting & quarreling over them!

CUT THE CRUD! it's a small delicate space=ship. Learn 2 Live.

Also--the Keystone Kops have tried to pass a very divisive

piece of radio legislation telling the Junior licensees that

they cannot fone=cell behind the wheel BUT all their Parents,

Guardians & Judges can?! What the fuggle??? Try passing a more

comprehensif ban against the manual dialing that kills. Vero.

So there i was, wind=schprinting toward the donut shoppe on

a slowly deflating rear tire, when a Platinum blonde called out

to me,"I like your A**!" Called i back from my gifted schteed,

"Thanks! i werk on it!" What kind of girl shouts out at a rider

from a fast moving car for such an Encounter? Overmore--i was

wearing my loose carpentre jeans with full pockets; why must

i endure this degrading feminist commentary? Acause it has come

full circle to me, as the wheels turn under me. Gracias.

--the tanned and muscular [mindful] slac--

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