Friday, May 7, 2010


Friday, May 7th, 2o1o...much lies ahead of me,

and much lies behind me. But it is a maisy day

to enjoy the sun=shine and bicycle the Walley.

TITLE: «Two wheels, schpinning efficiently»

TEMP: breesy 60s & 70s, sunny for screening & pleasant enuf

MUSIK: some annoying autotune ballad in the Neighbourhood;

it's a new release and someone is running it all=the=time


PRESSURE: pulsing 74 with meds, 123/79 [post cycling]

FOOD: chicken soop made from CHICAGO's gift of meat

TEXT: The 21st of Avril found me in the boof composing post

cards to the west=wise contingent--my Nephew in JAPAN as well

as his parents on the Left coast. Eastertidings for them.

Thor'sday after, MIAMI had his InterWeb reconnected; he's a

real mess without it. That night i attended an art reception

at the art Skool. Friday i visited the Market and purchased a

tire tube for Rocinante [the bike]. Saterdé was busy at the

parish Yard, but TURTLE & MAISY managed to fone my office

during the evening lull. {it is ever good for the Engineer to

schpend Time at the seashore} Athen~it turned rainy and cold

for the midst of the month...Tuesday, the 27th, SCOTT repaired

my back tire AND i've been cruising solidly since.

The BETHLEMITE and i had to repair the cleaning lever on the

stove that week; the concierge had werkt it to the 'point of

Failure' but i broke it. Then he got to go back to his place.

The last day of April, the food pantry took in eleven thousand

two hundred and thirty six (11,236) pounds of Nourishment; i

was top=side feeding the boxes onto the Conveyor. That was also

the Day i rescued my scrips from the box=schtore, by bus AND by

bicycle. Tuesday last, i revisited the soop kitchen after a long

absence; the cherch was also having a funeral upstairs. That

night i trimmed my Amish beard...i still don't know what i'm

gonna do with it in the coming days. [suggestions?] Wednesday,

i rode the bike toward werk as well as back; with an early start

and in the correct Ratio, it was a grand tour. This morning, i

used Rocinante on many required errands. *Here* i sit in my

squirlbox, composing an up=catch so i can ride a half block to

the Liberry... Hey! i dang near forgot how many HolyDés and

BirfDés and Anniverses there is at the beginning of this spexial

month! It's amazing & that BOOKFACE thang ain't professin' my

progressin' [yet~it's a good thing i don't have all access to

the WEB like i once did] ~pollinated~slac~

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