Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A good shave would probly endear me to my very

own Customers on the morro; that could Happen.

{i travel fast & fervently with Companions and come

to nearly Nothing; it's my VITALISM.} *BOOTS*

Mondé, April 12th, 2o1o...and it's been so long since i even

bothered to make a good shaving! it's like i can never schteal

more than a few moments for my=own=self in the Bunkhaus.

[STONY tells me it's Healthier for me to Live in community.]

Yesterdé, it was ne'er so crasy on the Yard, BUT i did haf to

send a Customer home. He brang grass...i explained that he

couldn't leaf it with me...he off=loaded the remaindre of his

yardwaste...THEN, he shovelled the grass into the bin also.

So~i Xplained it again, handed him the Parish brochure And

sent him on his Way. {he'll hate me for awhile for being such

an hard=ass, but i've already Forgiven him his transgression}

Wèzné night was werse for anothre thing~one of the Parish

code officers brot a tarpfull of Yardwaste, i helpt him place it

in one of the full bins, AND my ishpod came loose and fell in!

This is a disastre for my little musik machine, which is after

all a GIFT from my Sister...i am Praying to Anthony that it

wasn't crusht NOR destroyed, but that it will retourn to me OR

that i will find it upon Visiting the county facility this Tuesdé.

[i can't image such a delicate object being summarily tosst out.]

Meanwhile~the rear=tire on the bicycle has lost and gained

aer a numbre of Times in the current week. i rode it flat for a

mile afore filling it Wednesday night on the commute. These are

complex matters for a simpleton--grading up the bike, Visiting

and paying the Doctor, chasing miscreants off my sweet Werk,

forbearing the bunkhaus dramas as they happen, AND holding my

Sanity in Perfect harmony. Perhaps.

Thank goodness i haf a genie looking after me from A-far.

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