Saturday, April 3, 2010


There's a lot more to write on a cold day...but i gotta

get this crud to the Library and post it vaguely, badly.

Oh! MIAMI's girlfriend is cooking for the haus and

warshing the bulk of the dishex; i'm not gonna be the

one to send her Away. ~likeable*bikeable slac~

Tuesday, March 30th, usual, i schpeak too soon.

MIAMI sent his girl=friend away yesterdé as i was at werk.

He said something to the effect that 'she wasn't the Person

she made herself out to be.' i consoled him,"i'm not the person

i pretend to be either." Friday, April Second, 2o1o...and no

sooner had He sent her away than he was wiring money to

anothre girlfriend! {i should haf such problems, and such cash}

Wèzné, after learning that MIAMI needs to cut out all his

refined [white] foods, i bicycled toward the bus=stop afront

of the Ukey cherch, where i met my community college friend,

JOHN. He told me the sad schtory of How he was robbed of his

wallet & celfone at knife=point the night before. i did not tell

him that i, myself, haf become very Aware of situations posing

Endangerment since i was assaulted in that very cherch park

lot in 1993 (Nineteen-hundred and ninety-three). Crime and

evil are evrepresent in the modern werld. Once werking, i would

make a list of my customers...MATT the publik werker, BOB &

his wife [they gave me the bicycle], ALICE, DALE & MORTY [he

werkt with my Pop & is Episcopal]...DON who loves aerplanes,

KEVIN who met the engineer, LINDA who signs my pay=stubs,

Italian FRANK and DENNIS, the Jeep drifer. All them i serve.

Thor'sdé, i saw the BETHLEMITE roomy off on his bicycle and it

made me late for the morning office. {it's not good for a man

to sing alone in Jah's temple} Later, at the METHODISTRY, We

set a record for Food collection...Pastor JAMES called it six tons

(1200 pounds) and even with the conveyor belt, We all felt it!

Also~by anothre pastoral miracle, loaves came by car. The cherch

basement was fuller than my Dumpsters® by almost. It was truly

a perfect schpring dé to do such a thing. A good mandatus...

i finisht the guest=soop while palavering with CHICAGO.

Aday was bike=riding day in the wonderfull sunshine; the market

was ubercrowded [i go for the free samples]. TERRY gave me the

yester-papre & i wisht wholesome holydés to Irish JANE and MARK

of the Café on Eighteenth Avenue. This was after i schpent the morn

in the Liberry & afore i checkt the food stamp damage for a stalk

of Celery. {one can get around quite nicely on a Huffy® bicycle}

Amorro should be a bear at werk, tho i am to=it=up AND the Rising

Day shall be enjoyed with CAT and her kindren. SABAOTH~i must

amembre to schprinkle lamb's=blood on the doorway of the bunker

afore the long sun sets...Wouldn't want the DeathAngel taking any

of me nor Mine. There will be more pedaling as well. ~wheeltslac~

NB: i also caught up with ED & JEFF of the mansion Neighbory...

They know i am doing well to ride into Them on two (2) circles.

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