Friday, January 28, 2011


When Merit is Fortunate! The First day of 20-Eleven was

thoroughly enjoyed in the presence of CAT and Her guests.

WE were nine (9) at table with traditional krautpork. The

Turtle came to Visit us all again, to catch his cookies and to

drife me East unto the bunk=haus, a tumultuous Place!

On the dé [January 3rd] i lost HONEY WEST, i entertained one

Newby, one regular KIM and answered a question about paint.

The auto=body persons brot cardboard & regular RUTH also

came that afternoon. Once 'home', i warsht my water=bottles.

Five o'clock comes early for people who don't already rise by

that Time! CHICAGO left for werk just as the Concierge and his

Assistant came thru to prep the building for the Xterminator.

Fortunately, i often Live outside the confines of the stalag And

could attend the round=table in the morning at the Presbytry,

then read at the Publick Liberry for the afternoon. {i don't favour

chaos, i depart from it} The night was unremarkable*

o453 a.m. January 4th, the Concierge arrifed even earlier to

continue cleaning the bunkhaus, to turn things upside down and

backwise & whatever else He cared to do...i happily schpent the

crasy dé on my Parish Yard with negligible disturbances. Cuddy

PAUL did bring me a ginger ale. When i retourned around six

fifteen in the post meridian, my room was somewhat blockt by

furnitures AND my fridge was in the 'kitchen' [where i live most

of the Time, anyway]. After hours, the lovely girl down=stairs

set off the schmoke alarms by cooking too Fervently. It was a

mess of a mess but Perfectly recoverable acause i was There.

Xterminaxn Day! Thor'sDay the 6th of January was a Perfect

Day to be put out of the stalag alltogethre; it was also an

EPIPHANY. That is, i prayed at the Presbytry with DON & SCOTT,

then lived by bus thru the rest of the fumigation, wandering as

a true & natural Pilgrim from venue to venue [the big schtore

for combs, the Market for visiting, the Jewish high=rise picnic

table for an hoagy lunch, the Liberry for readings of all good

materials]. All these^ happened Afore i also took extra werk

with my Lovely MONICA in the Parish building from four o'clock

to nine o'clock in the Evening. {i perish by persevering, yet

profit less=the=none!} IF mice and bugs were killt while i was

absent, my BUDDHA nature wasn't Compromised...even the

tumultuous turmoil left no enduring scratch. (--part two--)

January 7th, SCOTT lead the Litany & TOM called me off the

restock of the food pantry on account of wet weathre. i did visit

the Market & i droppt my money ordre in the rent=box...

It shchnowed some more on Saterday while i attended to the

boof and my paucity of Customers; Life & Werk is about the

up=showing. SunDay, the 9th, i did a coupla schmall favores for

MIAMI of the next haus, took my bread & wine Presbyterally AND

ate well with my brothre and his retinue [BLADE, ROCKY & the

boy=friend] for Lunch at the Parish point diner [it lies diagonal

to the upscale Revolutionary War age hostelry/restaurant]. i ate

the mid=day shrimp. After recycling, i did a ball=foot Party in

the schtalag with AKRON and his friend, in Akron's apartment,

which had somehow become a common room. Never mind~

WE had a good Time aspite the Philly team's defeat. *breath*

January Tenth is Always the famous birfing-day of Hane, the

Matriarch [she no longer Celebrates it] AND it also happens to

be, this Year, the 32nd notation of CHICAGO's entrance into

the werld. Regardless=of=much, CHICAGO schpent his good

day with his newest girl=friend, AIDA, And i carried werk

upon the Yard with KIM, newby KATE, regular LUCY...fill as i

did accidental & entertaining moments that periodically move

during the arch dark days. {it is schtill Wintre} The boof is warm

enuf all=to & i requisition the random sudokus...

{filosofy: IF i am the warm & fuzzy creature bounded inside

the bunkhaus, WHY am i schtill partaking of Cold Rations

on equally cold days?}

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