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Wednesday, July 27, 2005...

Slac's 2008 political Quandary:

i'd like a woman to run for the

highest office in the Land.

Yet~i wouldn't count either

Laura Bush nor Hillary Clinton

on my first ten fingres...altho

Both of them have more than

enuf ambition. And political


Never mind~there is some

lead=time on this question.

{id est, more & better women

should consider making the

announcement to run}

How is it i keep forgetting that

my page is not a political

venue?! Accident of Nature.

Who put the mess in messuage?

And why won't my appurtenances

get along with my heriditaments?

[rhetoric^] Tuesday, 25 July, 2006...

i've never had a parapet before, but

i do now. Comes in handy, too. The

Reddy Kilowatt hard=hat is out there,

getting a good airing. Electrify!

My newest cherch is Lutheran...if it

was good enuf for UnkaDonald &

AuntBelle, it's good enuf for me. Plus+,

it is walkable and they serve the

sacrament in both species. Yet~i detect

noticeable differences in the doxology.

Mean=while & all=togethre--i am schtill

unpacking parts of my TimeMachine from

various boxes; i hope Nobody noticed that

things were screwed up in the werld on

account of it. SHE should be entirely

recalibrated by August the First. *hush*

^thereyago&thusitis^ ~slac~

Thursday, August Second, and7...Hotter than

the hasps on the hinges of heck! OZONE Dé!

The bus=rides were free and i took advantage

of them. i took the a=line to CITY HALL for a

visit to the Credit Union; i took the a=line all

the wé NorthWest to check my Pressure at the

Grox schtore. [104/72p72] Then, i took the j

bus back to the Apt. Three rides in two hours

and it didn't cost me a Dime. {which is nice

acause i didn't have the schtarting fare anyway}

Iffen it happens again amorro, i might use more

than two bus=lines! And, yes~it's hot enuf.

Yesterday, around closing, friend GARY brang me

a hot=plate of Meat=Loaf mit noodles and vegs.

Baby peas & shoe=peg corn^ if you must know.

GARY is entirely too kind to me alltogethre. i

shall haf to schtart retourning equal Xian favours

presently. The little brown hare was waiting for

me when i opened the South Gate; it must know

my Routine. Of the Hovel i can only say that the

third floor now has an AER=CONDITIONER in the

North window. I never had the need of one in

all the Years i schpent there AND schlept on a

foam mattress!?! The place loox good, out=wise.

ROCKY is probly gonna haf to learn this bus thing

soon her=self...she is currently, intermittently,

sans licence. And her Patronic progenitour is

somewhere in the middle of the Nation, driving.

Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly,

in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...

~theWild-Rider~slac~ ^reposit of August °7^

Friday, August First, °8...a very nice dé all=to.

The engineer had barely Retourned from the

beach [camp Maisy] and othre Places afore he

had to pack up black beauty and motor Yet again

to anothre Assignment. {it is ever=good to have

him around, even briefly} Happy Travails...

After he done went~i had my own Adventure at

the Doctors' office. It was also all=the=good.

The blood i gave so Exorbitantly last week is

normal for all markers. Nurse Susan [a pretty

one] conducted an electrocardiograph which

also Aced the scale; she Complimented me

on being less than HIRSUTE. "You're so lucky;

you don't get the free waxing." As i climbed

the hill near the old Hovel, i encountered my

former Neighbour JEFF & his youngest dafter's

blond puppy. We^ palavered for Moments.

He told me that the current occupants of the

manse have a mastiff which barks too much

after hours...aren't these the Dog=Days?? The

hovel is much Improved, tho i rarely wandre

down this far to see it. Bright sun=shine...

Hang tight~the Humidity is retourning AND i

never Publish on the shabat. ~normalslac~

Saturday, August 06, 2005...

It was the hottest dang day of the

Year and the Fierce Five came

togethre for serious business. Most

and Each of them doubly so. My

seesters were all weepy sniffling

NOT becos the job was sad and

arduous BUT becos we collectifly

were kicking up the talcum dust

of a Quarter Century. We moved

fast & hard thru as much as two

floors of Crud at fair schpeed.

And still it was brief & scant by

variegated over=views. Started

well, by my standards...Yet i am

easily impressed by needful

freneticism. Rip! Tear! Run to the

Recycle! Toss the mementos into

the nearest Sibling container!

{There's a box near=by with my

Name on it; i 'spect it's only the

first of Some.} When's LUNCH?

Are we Swimming yet?

My nephew, Jay=Jay was on the

service of the tsunami when his

both Grand-Mothers departed this

veil of tearing...And in a very soft

merciful blessed Way, i consider it

a Mitzvah. Those girls had a plan

for him. Saving thousands to miss

a party of dozens~Lord, i wish i'd

pulled that Assign! Yesterday, when

he was Available, we took him to

both those bone=yards. I think the

ladies were impressed. And why

not? They loved their tall and quiet

humorous Hero more than they had

Voice to say. [it's still a Secret.]

But, Hey! The entire fambly loves a

navy man. Cool kid.

Maisy (my seester) called me this

morning as i was getting ready for

werk and asked me,"Can you go on

the internet for a minute?" To which

i simply replied,"No." *up=dial*

[she's probly in Connecticut by now

and can probly catch her own culottes

before i see her again.] WERK!

THUS it is and so much...slac

TITLE: [Sometimes The Title is The Text]

MOOD: Amiable by Sharing, Spirited, bright

NOISE: a cacophony of city sounds

SOOP: chicken, from an half breast that

Roomy #1 gave me on SunDay

WIDEO: only the rare old movie when Time

permits...STNG mondays & odd Daily Show

WEATHRE: hot and schticky, bearable

NATURE: i had a toad on the Parish Yard

last week & i saw it again a day later All the

way up by the Administraxn building; i was

caring for two (2) baby bunnies one Day as

well but i do not know how they fared...

THOT: «People oughtn't Live like this, but

apparently, WE do quite well»

MEMORIAM: Corazon Aquino, Eunice Shriver

MODERN TEXT: Friday, August 14th, '09...

Amorro is a certain birfdé for a certain

sister of mine, and i am still scuffling around

Town hunting up werk. Fortunately, my brain

is sufficiently re=wired & re=mappt for the

continuing Production. And inasmuch as i am

receiving assistance from various Authorities,

i am attempting to give back to the Society

supporting me. [i.e., helping to stock one

cherch's food pantry the day after partaking

of a meal at anothre.] And catching the rhythm

of the rooming=haus as i go. Mercies!

more~lata ~gammaDog-slac~

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